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THE general purpose of the series of Hand-lists of the 
plants cultivated in the Royal Gardens which is in 
course of publication, and of which the present one is a 
part, is sufficiently indicated in the preface to that which 
enumerates the trees and shrubs. 

The collection of Ferns, whether tropical or temperate, 
is perhaps, next to that of Palms, the most important 
feature of the cultivation under glass in the Royal 

A special interest attaches to it, because it has been 
used so much in the preparation of most of the books and 
papers dealing with ferns which have been published in 
this country during the last half century. The celebrated 
botanical artist, Francis Bauer, was resident draughtsman 
for 50 years (1790-1840) to the Royal Botanic Gardens at 
Kew, and the beautiful series of analytical drawings of 
ferns which he made were published by Sir William 
Hooker, after his death in 1842, with descriptive letter- 
press and additions, under the title of Genera Filicum. 
During the 25 years (1840-1865) for which Sir William 
Hooker was the director of the gardens, his attention 
was specially concentrated on ferns. Under the title of 
Species Filicum he published an elaborate work in five 
1000 Wt 29117 r>/0f> D & S 29 23941 a 2 



volumes, in which all the known species of typical ferns 
are fully described, and their synonomy and geographical 
distribution worked out, with copious illustrations by 
Mr. Walter Fitch. Of this, the first volume appeared in 
1846, and the last in 1864. He planned also a condensed 
hand-book of all the known ferns, to be called Synopsis 
Filicum, intended specially for the use of colonists and 
travellers. All the drawings for this had been made, 
but the letter-press was not far advanced when he died in 
the autumn of 1865. It was completed by Mr. J. G. 
Baker, F.R.S., now Keeper of the Herbarium, in 1868, 
and a second edition was brought out in 1874. Since 
that date many hundred new species have been dis- 
covered, and a volume of Hooker's Icones Plantarwn, 
containing plates and descriptions of the more interesting 
of the novelties, was published in 1887. Mr. Baker ha g 
also published in the Annals of Botany (1891) a summary 
of new ferns discovered or described since 1874. The 
type specimens from which most of the descriptions and 
plates contained in this series of books have been made 
are deposited in the Kew Herbarium. 

The living collection in the garden owes its com- 
pleteness very largely to the zeal and assiduity with 
which the veteran pteridologist, Mr. John Smith, curator 
of the Royal Gardens from 1841-63, watched over it for 
more than 40 years. 

In his privately printed Records of Kew (pp. 322, 323) 
he gives the following particulars of its origin and de- 
velopment : " In the year 1822 I found the collection of 
ferns at Kew extremely poor, especially as regards tropical 
species, very many of those introduced in previous years 

having been lost and very few new ones added. . . . The 
tender exotic species were more or less of them growing 
without any arrangement in different houses, and un- 
named, their number amounting to about 40. In 1825 I 
arranged the tropical species in a group at the end of the 
then lean-to house . . . now included in the tropical fern 
house, the area they occupied being 6 ft. by 12 ft. These 
formed the nucleus of the now great collection. They 
were successively added to by importations of living 
plants, as also plants raised from spores obtained from 
herbarium specimens." 

" The collection continued yearly to increase, and in 
1846 [1845] I drew up a list of the collection, which was 
published in an appendix to the Botanical Magazine, for 
that year ; the number then amounted to 400 [378] species. 
This in 1857 [1856] was followed by another list, entitled 
* Catalogue of Cultivated Ferns,' in which 600 [504] species 
are enumerated." 

. The principal books published by Mr. Smith are his 
Ferns, British and Foreign, issued in 1866, which con- 
tains a classified list of all the species then known in 
cultivation, full directions for the cultivation of ferns of 
the different climatic types and by far the most complete 
history of their gradual introduction which .has ever 
appeared in print, and his Historia Filicum, issued in 
1875, which contains woodcuts of 220 types and gives a 
full exposition of his views on fern classification. 

In 1868 the last published list was prepared by Mr. J. G. 
Baker. It enumerates 802 species and varieties of ferns 
and 48 of fern allies. 


The present list comprises 1116 species and varieties of 
ferns and 97 of fern allies ; this is exclusive of British 
ferns, of which 536 varieties are in cultivation. 

The collection falls into three great groups : (i.) 
Tropical; (ii.) Temperate; and (iii.) Hardy Ferns. 

The Tropical Ferns are cultivated in No. II. House. 

The Temperate Ferns are cultivated in No. III. ; the 
Filmy Forns have a separate House (No. II. A), con- 
structed for the special treatment which they require. 
The fine collection of Temperate Tree Ferns is contained 
in the Temperate House. 

The Hardy Ferns are arranged on and about a small 

rockery, of the Key Plan, and forming the south 

boundary of Lawn L. 

The structural deveJopment of the buildings in which 
the collection is housed has kept pace with its growth. 
Their history may be given briefly. 

The Tropical Fern House (No. II.) is a span-roofed 
house 129 feet long, 34 feet broad, and 15 feet high in the 
centre. It has a wide transept on the south side, 40 feet 
long. 33 feet wide, and 19 feet high. 

In 1841 the site of this house was occupied by two 
lean-to houses used for miscellaneous collections of stove 
plants. They are enumerated in Dr. Lindley's Report to 
the Treasury (1838) as Nos. 2 and 3 ; the former stood to 
the west, and was 50 feet long ; the length of the other 


was 60 feet. It was in No. 2 that, as stated above, John 
Smith first arranged the nucleus of the collection of 
Tropical Ferns. 

In 1843, No. 2 was doubled and made into a span 

In 1845, No. 3 was entirely taken down, and a new 
span -roofed house erected in its place. It joined on to 
No. 2, which was kept at a somewhat lower temperature, 
but opened into it through a partition. The centre was 
filled up with slate shelf staging, and the sides with stone 
shelves. No. 2 was used as a stove for rare palms and 
large tropical ferns. No. 3 was at first occupied by the 
Woburn collection of orchids presented by Her Majesty 
the Queen ; for this purpose it proved eventually un- 
suited. The orchids were gradually replaced by Aroidece 
and ferns. Ultimately the latter obtained possession of 
the whole house. According to John Smith (Records, p. 
334), " the centre of the house was a raised sloping 
rockery, amongst which the plants were growing in a 
natural state, forming fine bushy specimens." 

A small house for tree ferns was built in 1861 ; this 
was connected with the principal house in 1868, and now 
forms the transept. 

In 1879 the Tropical Fern House, which from the 
decay of the timbers had lapsed into an almost ruinous 
condition, was further severely damaged by the hail 
storm of August 3rd; 1,152 panes of glass in it were 
broken. It was subsequently put into a thorough state 
of repair, but the collections received considerable 


In 1887 the west end of the house was set back a few 
feet ; the staging was partly re-arranged and the broad 
path through the transept was made. 

The humid conditions necessary for the cultivation of 
tropical ferns are unfortunately not conducive to the 
preservation of the structures in which they are grown 
when they are built of wood. In 1889 it therefore again 
became necessary to renew the east wing of No. II. House. 
In order to secure greater durability it was decided to use 
iron for the principal framework, and wood only for the 
lights. The top ventilation was provided for by means 
of a lantern in&tead of by the older and more clumsy 
method of sliding sashes. At the same time the use of 
green glass in the reconstructed wing was abandoned 
This was introduced at Kew in 1846 on the recommenda- 
tion of the late Mr. Robert Hunt, F.R.S., who advocated 
its use on theoretical grounds which are now known to be 
mistaken. The resulting improvement in the growth of 
the plants, especially the species of Adiantum was very 
marked, and in 1892 a portion of the west wing was 
re-glazed with equally satisfactory results. 

The temperate ferns are now collected in a house 
(No. HI.), which was also built on the system of mixed 
iron and wood construction. It was erected in 1892 to 
take the place of a decayed and obsolete structure com- 
posed of two small greenhouses united together, Nos. 4 
and 5 of Dr. Lindley's report. The former (the northern 
wing) was erected in 1803, and in 1840 contained New 
Holland and Cape plants ; the latter, which was " re- 
modelled " in 1825, was filled with succulents* 


The reconstructed No. III. is a span-roofed house 60 
feet long, 23 feet wide, and 13 feet high. It contains a 
broad central and two side stages, with paths on both 

The north wing of the former No. III. had been 
latterly devoted almost exclusively to filmy ferns after 
the Kew collection had been enriched by the gift of that 
formed by the late John Cooper Forster, which was 
presented to the Royal Gardens in 1888 by his widow. 

The collection is now contained in the new Filmy Fern 
House (No. II. A.) erected on the north side of No. II. 
It is 50 feet long by 14 feet wide, with a central path and 
two cases running the full length of the house. 

The hardy ferns occupy the rockery originally devoted 
to Alpine plants (before the construction of the Rock 
Garden in 1882), and it extends over part of the adjacent 
ground. A collection was established here in 1874, and 
the rockery itself was reconstructed in 1888. 

The collection as a whole is now probably the richest in 
existence in garden forms of British species. This is due 
to the munificent bequest by W. C. Carbonell, Esq., of 
the extensive collection formed by him at Rhiw Castell, 
Usk, Monmouthshire. The whole was removed to Kew 
in 1887. It consisted of 4,261 specimens, many probably 
unique, besides some hundreds of seedlings. 

The total number of well-marked species of ferns and 
the vascular Cryptogamia (fern allies) now mounts up to 
3,500. Not more than one-third of these have been 
23941 $ 

brought into cultivation, and Kew is always glad to 
receive any additions, if possible in the form of well- 
established plants ; if not, in the shape of dry spores, 
which can be collected and sent very easily by post in 
small packets. 

The following table, which shows the percentage of the 
total number of ferns found in different parts of the world 
was drawn up by Mr. Baker in 1867 ; but he does not 
think that the discoveries of the last 20 years will have 
altered any of the figures materially : 

Arctic Zone 1 per cent. 

Europe 4 

Temperate Asia, including 

Himalayas 18 

Temperate N. America ... ... 5 

Temperate S. Africa ... ... 7 

Australia and New Zealand ... 9 

South temperate America ... 5 

Tropical Africa ... ... ... 15 ,, 

Tropical Asia ... ... ... 39 ,, 

Tropical America... ... ...42 ,, 

The present hand list is divided into three parts : 
(i.) Ferns proper (pp. 13-133) ; 
(ii.) Fern allios (pp. 133-113) ; and 

(iii.) as an appendix, a list of garden forms of British 
species (pp. 145-183). 

With regard to (i.) ferns proper, the arrangement is 
alphabetical and synonyms have been only sparingly 
introduced, those included being chiefly such as are in 


use in gardens and which are here referred to the correct 
name in each case. It has not been thought necessary, 
therefore, to supply an index. Those who wish to pursue 
the study of fern -nomenclature further may fall back on 
Hooker and Baker's Synopsis Filicum, upon which the 
present hand-list is substantially based. 

The fern allies (ii.) have also been grouped alphabetically. 
It has not been thought necessary for the present purpose 
to separate them according to a botanical classification. 

The cultivated and feral varieties of British ferns (iii.) 
have been enumerated in an appendix. Although the 
collection of them at Kew is very rich, they stand in a 
different position to the collection of recognised and well- 
determined species. Apart from their intrinsic beauty, 
which is often striking, they are of considerable scientific 
interest as showing the range of variation due to crossing 
and seminal reproduction. The amateurs and cultivators 
who have raised them have furnished them with Latin 
names, often cumbrous and fantastic, which have received 
no formal definition. They cannot, therefore, be fixed or 
quoted for any scientific purpose ; they have, in fact, the 
same relationship to the species from which they have 
originated as bedding pelargoniums bear to Pelargonium 
zonale or as the drumhead and other cabbages to Brassica 



THE edition of the Hand-List of Ferns and Fern- 
Allies cultivated in the Royal Gardens which was issued 
in 1895 has for some time been exhausted. Since its 
publication some change has taken place in the compo- 
sition of the Fern-collection. The present edition, the 
preparation of which for the press has been entrusted to 
Mr. C. H. Wright, A.L.S., Assistant in the Herbarium, is 
an attempt to enumerate the species and varieties now in 
cultivation at Kew. The species that have been acquired 
since 1895 are ihere included ; those that are not now in 
cultivation at Kew have been omitted. A few casual errors 
that had crept into the previous edition have been corrected. 
To facilitate the identification of the plants selected 
references have been given to publications in which 
reliable figures are to be found. In other respects the 
present edition follows the lines on which the edition of 
1895 was prepared. 

The table drawn up by Mr. J. G. Baker, F.R.S., in 
1867, to show the percentage of the total number of ferns 
that had been collected up to that time in different 
parts of the world, which is included in the preface to 
the 1895 edition of this hand-list, is found, in the light of 
our present knowledge of the groups dealt with, to 
require revision. It will not be possible, until some 
general list, such as Carl Christensen's admirable Index 
Filicum (now in course of publication) is available, 


to give absolute percentages. But the subjoined table, 
which may be taken as approximately accurate, will, it is 
hoped, be useful both in itself and for comparison with 
Mr. Baker's table, which remains of great historical 
interest : 

Arctic Zone *4 per cent. 

Europe 2'5 

Temperate Asia, including the 

Himalayas above 8,000 ft. ... 25'5 

North Africa, Canary Is -8 

Temperate N. America 3*2 

Temperate S. Africa ... .. 4*5 

Australia and New Zealand ... 6*9 

Polynesia 10'8 

Temperate S. America ... ... 2*7 

Tropical Africa and Mascarene Is. 15'2 

Tropical Asia 34-8 

Tropical America 46*4 

D. P. 
Kew. March, 1906. 



Acrophorus. See Davallia. 

Acrostichum, L. 
A. acuminatum, Hook. Brazil. 
A. alienum, Siv. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. apodum, Kaulf. West Indies, Tropical America and 
Chile. Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 99. 

A. aureum, L. Tropical and sub-tropical regions. 

A. auritum, Sw. Malaya, Polybotrya aurita, Bl. ; 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 81. 

A. Burchellii, Baker. Brazil. 
A. buxifolium, Kze. See sorbifolium, var. 
A, Caenopteris, Kze. Tropical America. 
A. callcefolium, Bl. See latifolium, var. 

A. cervinum, Sw. Tropical America. Olfersia cervine^ 
Kze ; Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 43. 

A. conforme, Sw. Tropical and sub-tropical regions. 
A. crassinerve, Kze. See latifolium, var. 

A. crinitum, L. West Indies and Central America, 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 1. 

A. crispatulum, Wall. See virens, var. 

A. cuspidatum, Willd. West Indies to Peru. 

A. decoratum, Kze. West Indies, Guiana, Brazil and 

1000 Wt 29117 4/06 D & S 29 23941 A 


Acrostichum, L.cont. 

A. decurrens, Desv. Philippines. G-ymnopteris decur- 
rens, Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 6. 

A. drynarioides, Hook. Penang, Solomon Isles, New 

A. Feei, Bory. West Indies to Ecuador. 

A. flagelliferum, Wall. Tropical Asia. Hook. & Grev, 
Ic. Fil. t. 23. 

A. gramineum, Jenm. West Indies. 

A. Herminieri, Bory. West Indies to Brazil. 

A. beteromorphum, Kl. Colombia and Ecuador. 

A. hybridum, Bory. Tropical Africa, Tropical America. 

A. latifolium, Sw. Tropics. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 42. 
var. angustifolium, Hort. Tropical America, 
var. callsBfolium, (Bl.) Baker. Java, 
var. conopodium, Hort. 
var. crassinerve, (Kze} Baker. Brazil. 

A. Lingua, Raddi. West Indies and Tropical America. 

A. longifolium, Jacq. See latifolium. 

A. luridum, Fee. Trinidad, Guiana. 

A. magnum, Baker. British Guiana. 

A. melanopus, Kze. Venezuela. 

A. muscosum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. osmundaceum, Hook . West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. peltatum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. prieurianum, Kl. See sorbifolium, var. 

A. quercifolium, Retz. Tropical Asia. Gymnopteris 
quercifolia, Bernh. ; Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 80. 


Jkcrostichum, L. cont. 

A. repandum, El. Tropical Asia, Queensland and the 

var. quoyanum, Baker. Moluccas. 
A. rigidum. Wall. Malay Peninsula and Islands. 

A. scandens, J. Sm. Tropical Asia, Queensland and 

A. Sieberi, Hook. & Orev. Ic. Fil. t. 237. Mascarene 

A. simplex, .iSw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A sorbifolium. L. Tropics. 

var. buxifolium, (Kze) Baker. Madagascar, 
var. prieurianum, (Kl.) Baker. Guiana. 

A. spicatum, L. Tropics of the Old World. Hymeno- 
lepis spicata, Presl ; Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 78. 

A. tomentosum, Bory. Bourbon. 

A. undulatum, Willd. See villosum, var. 

A. variabile, Hook. Tropical Asia. 

A. villosum, Sw, Tropical America. Hook. <fc Grev. 
Ic. Fil. t. 95. 

var. undulatum, Baker. West Indies and Mexico to 

A. virens, Wall. Tropical Asia, Tropical Africa. Hook. 
& Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 221. 

var. crispatulum, Baker. India. 

Actiniopteris, Link. 

A. radiata, Link. Tropical Asia, Tropical Afria. Hook. 
Ic. PL t, 975. 

var. australis, Baker. Mascarene Islands. Hook. 
Ic. PL t. 976. 

Adiantopsis. See Cheilunthes. 

Adiantum, L. 

A. sethiopicum, L. Tropical and south temp, zones. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 77. 

var. assimile, (Sw.) Baker. Australia. 

var. aureum, Hort. 
A. affine, Hook. See diaphanum. 
A. amabile, Moore. See Moorei. 
A. anei tense, Carruth. Aneiteum. 
A. assimile Sw. See sethiopicum, var. 
A. Balfourii, Baker. Socotra. Hook. lc. PI. t, 1630. 

A. Bausei, Moore. Garden origin. Gard. Chron. IS 7 9, 
xi. 456, figs. 69-70. 

A. bellum, Moore. Bermuda, Guiana. Gard. Chroii. 
1879, xi. 172, fig. 24. 

A. bessonianum, O'Brien. See tenerum, var. 
A. Birkenheadii, Moore. Garden origin. 

A. *Capillus-Veneris, L. Tropical and temp, zones. 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t, 41. 

A. cardioMwna, Kze. See polyphyllum. 

-.4.. CatJiarince, J. Sm. See trapeziforme, var. 

A. caudatum, L. Tropics. Hook. Exot. Fl. t. 104. 

var. ciliatum, Hort. 
A. chrysophyttumjlltitt. See sethiopicum, var. aureum. 

A. claesianum, L. Lind. & Rod. Brazil. 111. Hort. 
1894, 137, t, 9. 

A. Collisii, Moore. Garden origin. 
A. colpodes, Moore. Tropical America, 
var. elegans, Hort. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 157. 

Adiantum, L. cont. 

A. concinnum, H. B. & K. Tropical America. 
var. Flemingii, Hort. 
var. gracile, Hort. 
var. latum, Moore. 

A. crenatum, Willd. West Indies, Mexico. 

A. cristatum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. cultratum, J. Sm. See trapeziforme. var. 

A. cuneatum, Langsd. & Fisch. Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 30. 

var. aemulum, (Moore) Baker. 

var. deflexum, Hort. 

var. dissectum, Hort. 

var. elegantissimum, Hort. 

var. gracillimum, (Moore) Baker. 

var. grandiceps, Hort. 

var. grandis, Hort. 

var. lambertianum, Hort. 

var. Legrandi, Hort. 

var. mundulum, (Moore) Baker. 

var. Pacotti, Hort. 

var. Reginse, Hort. 

var. schizophyllum, Hort. 

var. strictum, Hort. 

var. variegatum, Hort. 

A. curvatum, #aw//. Brazil. Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. t. 84, 
fig. C. 

var. brasiliense, Baker. Brazil. 
A. cyclosorum, Moore. Ecuador. 
A. decorum, Moore. See Wagneri. 


Adiantum, L. cont. 

A. densum, Hurt. Garden origin. 

A. diaphanum, Bl. S. China, Malaya, Polynesia, 
N. Zealand and New S. Wales. 

A. digitatum, PresL Tropical America. 

var. palmatum, Baker. A. palmatum, Moore, Gard. 
Chron. 1877, vii. 40, fig. 5. 

var. speciosum, (Hook.) Baker. 
A. dolabriforme^ Hook. See lunulatum, var. 
A. dolosum, Kze. Tropical America. 

A. Edgeworthii, Hook. Northern India and China. 
Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. t. 81, fig. B. 

A. elegans, Moore. Garden origin. 

A. emarginatum, Bory. See aethiopicum. 

A. excisum, Kze. Chili. 

var. Leyi, Hort. 

var. multifidum, Hort. 

var. nanum, Hort. 

A. farleyense, Moore. See teneruin, var. 
A. fasciculatum, Hort. Garden origin. 

A. Faulkneri, Hort. Garden origin. 

A. Ferguson!, Moore. Ceylon. 

A. formosum, R. Br. Temperate Australia and New 
Zealand. Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. t. 86, fig. B. 

A. fragile, Sw. West Indies. 

A. fulvum, Raoul. New Zealand, N. S. Wales, Fiji. 
Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. t. 85, fig. A. 

A. Funckii, Hort. See trapeziforme. 

A. glaucophyllum, Hook. Central America. 


Adiantum, L. cont. 

A. grandicepSj Hort. See cuneatum, var. 

A. henslovianum, Hook. f. Colombia, Peru, &c. 

A. heterophyllum, Hort. Garden origin. 

A. hirtum, Klotzsch. Tropical America. Hook. Sp. 
Fil. ii. t. 82, fig. A. 

A. hispidulum, Sw. Tropics of the Old World, 
var. tenellum, Moore. Australia. 

A. Hosei, Baker. Borneo. 
A. Kaulfussii, Kze. Tropical America. 
A. kerchovianum, Hort. Garden origin. 
A. Lathomij Moore. See tenerum, var. 
A. Legrandi, Hort. See cuneatum, var. 

A. lineatum, Linden. Garden origin. 111. Hort. 18 ( J5,. 
312, t. 44. 

A. lucidum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. t. 79, fig. 0. 

A. luddemannianum, Hort. Garden origin. 

A. lunulatum, Burm. Tropics. Hook. & Grev. Ic. FiL 
1. 104. 

var. dolabriforme, Baker. A. dolabriforme. Hook. 
Ic. PL t. 191. 

var. fernandezianum, Hort. 

A. macrophyllum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 132. 

var. albostriatum, Hort. 

var. bipinnatum, Jenm. Jamaica. 

A. magnijicum, Hort. See Wagneri. 
A. manicatum, Hort. See concinnum. 


Adiantum, L. cont. 

A. matthewsianum. Hook. See polyphyllum. 

A. Moorei, Baker. Andes of Peru. 

A. moritzianum, Link. See A. Capillus-Veiieris. 

A. mundulum, Moore. See cuneatum, var. 

A. neoguineense, Moore. New Guinea. 

A. Novas-Caledonias, Keys. New Caledonia. 

A. obliquum, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 190. 

A. obtusum, Desv. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 188. 

A. Pacotti, Hort. See excisum. 

A. patens, Willd. Tropical America. Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. 
t. 87, fig. A. 

A. pellucidum, Mart. & Gal. See aethiopicura. 
A. pedatum, L. Temperate Asia, North America. 
A. peruvianum, Klotzsch. Peru. 
A. plumosum, Hort. Garden origin. 

A. polyphyllum, Willd. Tropical America. Hook. 
Gard. Ferns, t. 12. 

A. prionophyttum, H. B. & K. See tetraphyllum. 
A. pulverulentum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 
A. Regince, Hort. See Capillus-Veneris. 

A. reniforme, L. Madeira and Tenerifl'e. Hook. Fil. 
Exot. t. 8. 

var. asarifolium, Baker. Mauritius and Bourbon. 
A. asarifolium, Willd. ; Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 11. 

A. rhodophyllum, Moore. Garden origin. 
A. rhomboideum, Hort. See obtusum. 


Adiantum, L.cont. 

A. roseum, Hurt. Garden origin. 
A. rubellum, Moore. Andes of Bolivia. 
A. scabrum, Kze. See sethiopicum. 
A. scutum, Hort. See tenerum, var. 

A Seemanni, Hook. Central America, Brazil. Gard. 
Chron. 1875, iii. 396-7, fig. 77-8. 

A. sessilifolium, Hook. See henslovianum. 
A. setulosu/n, J. Sm. See diaphanum. 
A. speciosum, Hook. See digitatum, var. 
A. Tabarum, Hort. See excisum. 
A. tenellum, Moore. See hispidulum. 

A. tenerum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. alcicorne, Hort. 
var. bessonianum, (O'Brien}. 
var. farleyense, Andre. A. farleyerise, Moore ; Fl. 

Serres, tt. 1933-4. 
var. gracile, Hort. 
var. Lathomi, Hort. 
var. Reginae, Hort. 
var. scutum, Hort. 
var. scutum ramosum, Hort. 
var. Victorias, (Moore} Baker. 

A. tetraphyllum, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. acuminatura, Hort. 
var. gracile, Hort. 

A. tinctum, Moore. Andes of Peru. 


Adiantum, L. cont. 

A. trapeziforme, L. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. Catharines, ./. Sm. 
var. cultratum, Baker. 
var. Funckii, Hort. 

A. veitchianum, Moore. Andes of Peru. 
A. velutinum, Moore. Andes of Colombia. 

A. venustum, G. Don. Afghanistan and Himalaya. 

Hook. Sp. Fil. ii. t. 76, fig. B. 
v^r. integrifolium, Baker. Himalaya. 

A. Victoria, Moore. See tenerum, var. 
A. Wagneri, Mett. Andes of Peru. 
A. Weigandii, Moore. Garden origin. 

A. Williamsii, Moore. Andes of Peru. Garcl. Ghroii. 
1878, x. 45, fig. 4. 

Aglaomorpha. See Poly podium. 
Aleuritopteris. See Cheilaiithes. 
Allosorus. See Pellaea and Cryptogramme. 

Alsophila, R. Br. 

A. armata, Presl. Tropical America. 

A. australis, R. Br. Australia and Tasmania. Hook. 
Sp. Fil. i. t, 19, fig. A. 

A. contaminans, Wall. India, Malaya. F1. des Serres, 
tt. 2264-5. 

A. Cooperi, Hook. Australia. 

A. excelsa, R. Br. Norfolk Island. 

A. infesta, Kze. Tropical America. 


Alsophila, R. Br. cont. 

A. leichardtiana, F. Mucll. Australia. Flor. & Pom, 

A. MacArthurii, Hook. See leichardtiana. 
A. Malzinei, Hort. Mexico. 
A. nigra, Jenm. (an Mart. ?}. Trinidad. 
A. procera, Kaulf. Tropical America. 

A. pruinata, Kaulf. West Indies, Tropical and Tem- 
plate S. America. 

A. robusta, De Vriese. Java. 

A. Tsenitis, Hook. Brazil. 

A. tomentosa, Hook. Java, Formosa. 

A. truncata, Brack. Fiji, Samoa. 

Amphicosmia. See Hemitelia. 

Anapeltis. See Polypodium. 

A. nitida, J. Sm. See P. lycopodioides. 

Anchistea. See Woodwardia. 

Anemia, Sw. 

A. adiantifolia, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 16. 

A. collina, Raddi. Brazil. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 1. 

A. dregeana, Kze. Natal. Hook. Ic. PI. t. 236. 

A. fraxinifolia, Raddi. See Phyllitidis. 

A. fulva, Sw. See tomentosa, var. 

A. hirsuta, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. longifolia, Link. See Phyllitidis, var. 


Anemia, Siv. cont. 

A. Phyllitidis, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Anemidictyon Phyllitidis, J. Sm. ; Hook. Gen. 
Fil. t. 103. 

var. foetida, Hort. 
var. longifolia, Hort. 

A. tomentosa, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America, 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 30. 

var. fulva, Moore. Tropical America. A. fulva* 
Sw. : Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 26. 

Anemidictyon. See Anemia. 
Anetium. See Hemionitis. 

Angiopteris, Hoffm. 

A. evecta, Hoffm. Tropics of the Old World. Hook, 

Fil. Exot. t. 75. 

var. brongniartiana, (De Vriese} Baker. Tahiti, 
var. durvilleana, (l)e Vriese) Baker. Polynesia, 


var. hypoleuca, (De Vriese} Baker. Java, 
var. miqueliana, (De Vriese) Baker. Java, 
var. pruinosa, (Kze) Baker. Java, 
var. teysmanniana, (De Vriese) Baker. Java. Gard, 
Chron. 1905, xxxvii. May 27, Suppl. 

Anisogoniam. See Asplenium. 
Antigramme. See Scolopendriuin. 

Arthropteris. See Polypodium teiiellum, Nephrodium 
albopunctatum, and Nephrolepis. 


Aspidium, Sw. 
A. acrostichoides, Sw. North America. 

A. *aculeatum, Sw. Ubiquitous, 
var. angulare, Gren. & Godr. Hook. Brit. Ferns, 1. 12. 
var. lobatum, Rook. Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 10. 
var. moritzianum. (Kf.) Baker. Colombia, 
var. setosum, (Wall.) Baker. Himalaya, 
var. tsus-simense, Baker. Japan. 

A. amabile. Bl. India, Formosa, Japan. 
A. angular e, Willd. See aculeatum, var. 
A. angulatum, J. Sm. See Polypodium angulatum. 

A. anomalum, Hook. & Arn. Ceylon. Polypodium 
anomalum. Hook. & Arn. in Hook. Journ. Bot. 
viii. (1856) t. 11.* 

A. argutum, Kaulf. See Nephrodium rigidum, var. 

A. aristatum, Sw. Tropical Asia, Polynesia, N. S. Wales,. 
Natal. Polystichum aristatum, Presl ; H ook. f . 
Fl. N. Zealand, t. 78. 

var. coniifolium, (Wall.) Baker. 
var. variegatum, Hort. 

A. atratum, Wall. See Nephrodium hirtipes. 
A. auriculatum, Sw. India, Formosa, Malaya. 
A. Boottii, Tuckerm. See Nephrod ium spinulosum, var. 

A. capense, Willd. Tropical America and S. temperate 

A. caryotideum, Wall. See falcatum, var. 

A. coadunatum, Hook. & Grev. See Nephrodium 

* For garden varieties, see p. 157. 


Aspidium, Sw.cont. 

A. concavum, Hort. See laserpitiifolinm. 
A. confluens, Mett. See Nephrodium. 
A. coniifolium. Wall. See aristatum, var. 
A. coriaceum, Sw. See apense. 
A. erythrosorum, Eaton. See Nephrodium. 
A. Fadyenii, Mett. See Fadyenia prolifera. 

A. falcatum, Siv. Japan to South Africa. Hook. Fil. 
Exot. t. 92. 

var. caryotideum, Baker. Northern India, South 
Africa. A. caryotideum, Wall. ; Hook & Grev. Ic, 
Fil. t. 69. 

var. caryotideum attenuatum, Hort. 
var. Fortunei, (J. 8m.) Baker. Japan, 
var. pendulum, Hort. 

A.festinum, Hance. See laserpitiifolium. 

A. fragrans, Sw. See Nephrodium. 

A. frondosum, Lowe. Madeira. 

A. irregulare, Brackenr. See Nephrodium latifolium. 

A. laserpitiifolium, Mett. China, Japan, Tonquin. 

A. lepidocaulon, Hook. Japan. Polystichum lepido- 
caulon, T. Moore in Gard. Chron. 1875, iii. 203, 
fig. 36. 

A. lolatum, Sw. See aculeatiim, var. 
A. Lonchitis, Sw. N. temp. zone. Hook. Brit, Ferns, t. 0. 
A. macrophyllum, Sw. See Nephrodium. 
A. mohrioides, Bory. Temperate S. America. 
A. munitum, Kaulf. W. North America, 
var. imbricans, Hort. 

Aspidium, Siv. conl. 

A. nevadense, Boiss. See Nephrodium rigidum. 
A. nevadense, Eaton. See Nephrodium nevadeiise. 
A. Plumieri, Presl. See trifoliatum, var. 
A. polymorphum. Wall. 48ee Nephrodium. 
A. proliferum, R. Br. See acnleatum. 
'A. pungens, Kaulf. South Africa. 

A. quinquangulare, Kze. See Nephrodium decom 

A. repandum, Willd. Tropical Asia. 

A. Standishii, Hort. See laserpitiifolium. 

A. subtriphylliim, Hook. See Nephrodium. 

A. triangulum,'#>. West Indies. Hook. Fil. Exot, t, 33. 
var. ilicifolium, Fee. 
var. xiphioides, Moore. 

A. trifoliatum, Sir. Tropical America. 

var. Plumieri, (Presl) Baker. 
A. tripteron, Kze. Japan. 
A. isus-simense, Hook. See aculeatum, var. 

A. uliginosum, Nyman. See Nephrodium cristatnm, 

A. variolosum, Wall. See Nephrodium. 
A. varium, Sw. China, Japan. 
A. vestitum, Sw. See aculeatum. 

Asplenium, L. 

A. abscissum, Willd. Tropical America. 
A. achilleaefolium, Liebm. Mexico. 


Asplenium, L.cont. 

A. acutum, Bory. See Adiantum-nigrum, var. Onop- 

A. Adiantum-nigrum, L. North and South temp, 
zones. Hook. Brit. Fettis, t. 33. 

var. Onopteris, Christens. 

A. alatum, H. B. K. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 136. 

A. angustifolium, Mich. North America. 

A. anisophyllum, Kze. Tropical and S. Africa, Tropical 

.4. apicidens* Moore. See Vieillardii, var. 

A. arborescens, Mctt. Mascarene Islands. 

A. arboreum, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. Arnottii, Baker. Sandwich Islands. 

A. attenuatum, R. Br. Australia. Hook. & Grev, Ic. 
Fil. t. 220. 

var. integrum, Hort. 
A. aureutit, Link. See Ceterach, var. 
A. auritum, Sw. India, Mascarene Is., Trop. America. 

var. macilentum, Baker. 

var. sulcatum, Baker. 

A. australasicum, Hook. See Nidus, var. 
A. axillare, Webb & Berth. See umbrosum. 
A. bantamense, Baker. Tropical Asia. 
A. Baptistii, Moore. See Vieillardii, var. 

A. Belangeri, Kze. Malayan Islands. Hook. Fil. Exnt. 
t, 41. 

A. bifidum, Preel. See lineatum, var. 

Asplenium, L. cont. 

A. brachypteron, Kze. Tropical and South Africa, Mas- 
carene Islands. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 44. 

A. Broivnii, J. Sm. See umbrosum. 

A. bulbiferum, Forst. Tropical Asia, Mascarene IB., 
Australia. Hook. Ic. PI. t, 423. 

var. fabianum, Baker. 

var. Hillii, Hort. 

var. laxum, Hook. f. New Zealand. 

var. minus, Baker. New Zealand. 

var. pumilum, Hort. 

var. tripinnatum, Hook.f. New Zealand. 

A. caryotcefolium, Hort. See cuneatum. 
A. celtidifolium, Kze. Tropical America. 

A. Ceterach, L. Europe and temp. Asia. Hook. Brit. 

Ferns, t. 36. 

var. aureum, Baker. Madeira and Canary IB. 
A. cicutarium, Sw. Tropical America. 
A. Colensoi, Hook. f. New Zealand. 

A. compressum, Sw. St. Helena. Hook. Fil. Exot. 

t. 76. 

A. contiguum, Kaulf. Polynesia and Malaya, 
var. fissum, Hort. 

A. cordifolium, Mett. Malaya. Diplazium cordifolium, 
Bl. ; Hook. Ic. PI. t. 936. 

A. crenulatum, Baker. West Indies, Tropical America. 
A. cultrifolium, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. cuneatum, Lam. Polynesia, Africa, Trop. America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 189. 

A. Currori, Hook. Tropical Africa. 

23941 R 


Asplenium, L. cont. 

A. decussatum, Sw. Tropics of Old World. 
A. dimidiatum, Sw. Tropical Africa, Trop. America. 
A. dimorphum, Kze. Norfolk Island. 
A. ebeneum, Ait. Temperate fegions. 
A. elongatum, Sw. See tenerum, var. 
A. erectum, Bory. See lunulatum. 

A. esculentum, Presl. Tropical Asia. Anisogonium 
esculentum, Presl ; Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. 193. 

var. glabrum, Hort. 

var. serampurense, Baker. 

A. fabianum, Hombr. & Jacquem. See bulbif erum, var. 

A. falcatum, Lam. Tropics and sub-tropics, Old World, 
var. erosum, Hort. 

A. feejeense, Brack. Fiji Islands. 

A. fernandezianum^ Kze. See lunulatum, var. 

A. *Filix-foemina, Bernh. Ubiquitous. Hook. Brit. 
Ferns, t. 35. 

A. flabellifolium, Cav. Australia. A. flabelliforme, 
Hook. Exot. PL t. 208. 

var. Richardsoni, Hort. 

A. flaccidum, Forst. Australia, Polynesia, Natal. 
A. foeniculaceum, H. B. & K. See fragrans, var. 

A. fontanum, Bernh. North temp. zone. Hook. Brit. 
Ferns, t. 34. 

A. fragrans, Siv. West Indies, Tropical America. 

var. foeniculaceum, Baker. A. foeniculaceum, H. B. & 
K. ; Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 92. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 165. 
23941 B 2 


Asplenium, L. cont. 

A. furcatum, Thurib. Tropical and sub-tropical regions. 
var. tripinnatum, Baker. Natal. 

A. germanicum, Weiss. Europe. Hook. Brit. Ferns, 
t. 27. 

A. gceringianum, Mett. See macrocarpum, var. 
A. grandifolium, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
A. griffithianum, Hook. Ic. PL t. 928. Himalaya. 
A. Halleri, Willd. See fontanum. 

A. Hemionitis, Wall. South Europe and North Africa. 
Bot. Mag. t. 4911. 

A. heterocarpum, Wall. India, Malaya. Bedd. Ferns 
S. Ind. t. 131. 

A. heterophlebium, Mett. Himalaya. Anisogonium 
heterophlebium, Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. t. 192. 

A. Mans, Kze. West Indies, Tropical America. 
A. incisum, Thunb. China, Japan. 
A. lanceolatum, Huds. Europe. 

A. lanceum, Tliunb. China, Japan, India. A . subsin - 
uatum, Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 27. 

A. lasiopteris, Mett. See Peterseni. 
A. laxum, R. Br. See bulbiferum, var. 

A. lineatum, Siv. Mauritius, 
var. bifidum, Baker. 
var. inaequale, Baker. 

A, longissimum, Bl. Malaya, Mauritius. 
.4. lucid urn, Forst. See obtusatum, var. 
A. lunulatum, *S'w. Tropics and subtropics. 

var. erectum, Baker. Mascarene Islands, Tropical 


Asplenium, L. cont. 

A. lunulatum, Sw. cont. 
var. fernandezianum, (Kze) Baker. Juan Fernandez. 

var. pteropus, Baker. Tropical America. A.pteropm, 
Kaulf . ; Hook. Sp. Fil. iii. t. 177. 

var. tenellum, (Roxb.} Baker. St. Helena. 

var. tripinnatifidum, Hort. 
A. macilentum^ Kze. See auritum, var. 
A, macrocarpum, El. Tropical Asia. 

var. goeringianum, (Mett.) Baker. Japan. 

A. marginatum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 73. 

A. marinum, L. Europe, Canaries and Azores. Hook. 
Brit. Ferns, t. 31. 

var. imbricatum, Hort. 
var. ramosum, Hort. 

A. maximum, G. Don. Tropical Asia, Australia 

A. Mayii, Hort. Garden origin. Gard. Chron. 1898, 
xxiii. 332, fig. 140. 

A. Hichauxii, Spreng. See Filix-foemina. 

A. monanthemum, L. Temperate regions. 

A. Nidus, L. Tropics, Old World. Bot. Mag. t. 3101. 

var. australasicum, Baker. Australia. A. austra- 
lasicum, Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 88. 

var. madagascariense, Hort. 

var. multilobatum, Hort. 
A. niponicum, Mett. Japan. 

var. cristatum, Hort. 
A. nitidum, Sw. India and Malaya. 
A. nobile, Hort. See viviparum. 
A. nodulosum, Hort. See lineatum. 


Aeplenium. L. cont. 
A. obliquum, Forst. See obtusaturn, var. 

A. obtusatum, Forsi. South temperate regions. Hook. 
Fil. Exot. t. 46. 

var. lucidum, Baker. 

var. Lyallii, Hook. New Zealand. 

var. obliquum, Hook. f. New Zealand. 
A. obtusilobum, Hook. Polynesia. 
A. ornatum, Col. New Zealand. 

A. paleaceum, R. Br. Tropical Australia. Hook. Sp. 
Fil. iii. t. 199. 

A. Peterseni, Kze. India, Java. 

A. planicaule, Wall. India, China. 

A. plantagineum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. platyneuron, Oakes. See ebeneum. 

A. polyodon, Forst. See falcatum. 

A. polypodioides, Mett. Tropical Asia. Diplazium 
polypodioides, Bl. ; Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. 185. 

A. prcemorsum, Sw. See f urcatnm. 

A. procerum, Watt. Northern India. 

A. proliferum, Lam. See decussatum. 

A. prolongatum, Hook. See rutaefolium. 

A. pteridoides, Baker. Lord Howe's Island. 

A. pteropus, Kaulf. See lunulatum, var. 

A. pubescens, Mett. See esculentuin. 

A. pumilum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. pusillum, Bl. Java. 

A. radicans, Schkuhr. West Indies, Tropical America. 


Asplenium, L.cont. 

A. reclinatum, Houlst. See lunulatum, var. tenellum. 
A. refractum, Moore. See fontanum. 

A. resectum, Sm. Japan, Tropical Asia and Africa. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 114. 

A. rhizophorum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Sp. Fil. iii. t. 187. 

A. rigidum, Sw. See auritum, var. sulcatum. 

A. rutsefolium, Kze. Tropical and sub-tropical Asia and 

var. prolongatum, (Hook.) Baker. 

A. Ruta-muraria, L. North temp. zone. Hook. Brit. 
Ferns, t. 28. 

A. scandens, J. Sm. New Guinea, Philippines, Fiji. 
A. semihastatum, Kze. Cuba. 

A. septentrionale, Hoffm. North temp. zone. Hook. 
Brit. Ferns, t. 26. 

A. Serra, Langsd. & Fisch. West Indies, Tropical 
America and Africa. 

var. natalensis, Baker. South Africa. 
A. Shepherd!, Spreng. West Indies, Tropical America. 

A. sinuatum, Beauv. Tropical Africa. Hook. Fil. 
Exot. t. 61. 

A. speciosum, Mett. Malay Peninsula and Archipelago. 

A. striatum, L. See Shepherdi. 

A. subsinuatum, Hook. & Grev. See lanceum. 

A. sylvaticum, Presl. Tropics, Old World. 

A. tenellum, Roxb. See lunulatum, var. 

A. tenerum, Forst. Ceylon, Malaya, Polynesia, 
var. elongatum, (Sw.) Baker. Malaya. 


Asplenium, L. cont. 

A. thelypteroides, Mich. Temp. East Asia, North 


A. tomentosum, Hook. N. India, Malay Peninsula and 


A. Trichomanes, L. Temp, regions. Hook. Brit. Ferns, 

t. 29. 

A. umbrosum, J. Sm. Tropical Asia, Africa and 

Australia, Canary Islands, 
var. procerum, Baker. See procerum. 

A. unilaterale, Lam. See resectum. 
A. veitchianum, Moore. See Belangeri. 

A. Vieillardii, Mett. New Caledonia. 

var. apicidens, (Moore) Baker. South Sea Islands. 

var. Baptistii, (Moore) Baker. South Sea Islands. 

var. Drueryi, Hort. 
A. virescens, Mett. Japan. 

A. viride, Huds. North temp. zone. Hook. Brit. Ferns, 

t. 30. 

A. viviparum, Presl. Mascarene Islands. Hook. Fil. 

Exot. t. 64. 
var. nobile, Hort. 

A. vulcanicum, Bl. Malay Islands. 

A. zeylanicum, Hook. Ceylon. Sec. Cent. Ferns, t. 16. 

Athyrium. See Asplenium. 
Balantium. See Dicksonia. 

Blechnum, L. 

B. Atherstoneij Pappe. See Lomaria punctulata, var. 



Blechnum, L. cont. 

B. Banksii, Mett. See Lomaria. 

B. boreale, S\v. See Lomaria Spicant. 

B. brasiliense, Desv. Tropical America. 

var. corcovadense, (Raddi) Baker. Brazil. 

var. crispum, Hort. 

B. cartilagineum, Suu. Temperate Australia. 
B. corcovadense, Raddi. See brasiliense, var. 
B. G-Ulieslij Mett. See Lomaria procera. 
B. glanduloswn, Link. See occidentale, var. distans. 
B. gracile, Kaulf. See longifolium, var. 

B. hastatum, Kaulf. Temperate South America. B. 
trilobum, Presl ; Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 1 92. 

B. Lanceola, Siv. Tropical America. Bot. Mag. t. 3240. 
B. latifolium, Hort. See longifolium. 
B. lomarioides, Gaud. See orientale. 

B. longifolium, H. B. & K. Tropical America. 

var. fraxineum, Baker. 

var. gracile, Baker. 
B. occidentale, L. West Indies, Trop. America, Chili. 

var. distans, Baker. S. Brazil, Uruguay. 

var. cristatum, Hort. 

B. orientale, L. S. China to Polynesia and Australia. 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 77. 

B. polypodioides, Raddi. See unilaterale. 
B. punctulatum, Sw. See Lomaria. 
B. rugosum, Moore. Origin unknown. 
B. triangulare, Link. See unilaterale. 


Blechnum, L. cent. 

B. trilobum, Presl. See hastatum. 

B. unilateral, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America. 

Bolbitis. See Acrostichum. 

Botryohium, Sw. 

B. ternatum, Sw. North and south temp, zones. 

var. dissectum, Baker. North America, New 

B. virginianum, Sw. North temp, zone, Trop. America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 29. 

Brainea, Hook. 

B. insignia, Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 38. Hong Kong and 


Caanopteris. See Asplenium. 
Callipteris. See Asplenium. 
Campyloneuron. See Polypodium. 
Campteria. See Pteris. 
Camptosorus. See Scolopendrium. 

Ceratopteris, Brongn. 

C. thalictroides, Brongn. Tropics. Parkeria pteridoides, 

Hook & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 97 ; Hook. Exot. Fl. iii. 
t. 231. 

Ceropteris. See Gymnogramme. 
Ceterach. See Asplenium. 


Cheilanthes, Sw. 

C. anceps, Blandf . See farinosa, var. 

C. argentea, Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 95. North Asia, Malay 

C. dicksonioideSj Endl. See Hypolepis tenuif olia. 
C. elegans, Desv. See myriophylla, var. 
C. ellisiana, Hort. See hirta, var. 

C. farinosa, Kaulf. Tropics. Bot. Mag. t. 4765. 
var. anceps, Blandf. Himalaya, 
var. punctata, Hort. 

C. fragrans, Sw. Europe, Orient, N. Africa, Canary Is. 

C. hirta, Sw. Tropical and South Africa, 
var. ellisiana, Hort. 

C. mexicana, Davenp. Mexico. 

C. micromera, Link. See microphylla, var. 

C. microphylla, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. micromera, Baker. Central America. 

C. myriophylla, Desv. Tropical America, 
var. elegans, Baker. 

C. profusa, Kze. See Pellaea involuta. 

C. radiata, R. Br. West Indies, Tropical America. 

C. tomentosa, Link. United States and Mexico. 

C. undulata, Hope & Wright. China. 

C. vestita, Sw. United States. 

Chrysodium. See Acrostichum. 
Cibotium. See Dicksonia. 


Cincinalis. See Notholna. 
Cionidium. See Deparia. 
Coniogramme. See Gymnogramme. 

Conpteris. See Lonchitis. 

C. brazziana, Linden. See Lonchitis pubescens, var. 

Craspedaria. See Polypodium. 

Cryptogramme, R. Br. 

C. crispa, R. Br. North temp. zone. Hook. Brit. 

Ferns, t. 39. 

var. acrostichoides, Baker. North America. 0. 
acrostichoides, R. Br. ; Hook & Grev. Ic. Pil. t. 29. 

Cyathea, J. E. Smith. 

C. arborea, J. E. Sm. West Indies, Tropical America, 
C. beyrichiana, Presl. See Hemitelia setosa. 

C. dealbata, Sw. New Zealand, 
var. tricolor, (Col.) Baker. 

C. Dregei, Kze. Tropical and South Africa, 
var. Burkei, Hook. Tropical and South Africa. 

G. excelsa, Sw. Bourbon and Mauritius. 

C. gracilis, Griseb. Jamaica. 

C. Hookeri, Thw. Ceylon. 

C. imrayana, Hook. See Tussacii. 

C. insignis, D. (7. Eaton. West Indies. 

C. medullaris, Sw. New Zealand. Hook. Gard. Ferns, 
t. 35. 


Cyathea, J. E. Smith cont. 
C. mexicana, Schlecht. Mexico. 
C. princeps, J. Sm. See insignia. 
C. Serra, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America. 
C. Smithii, Hook. f. See Hemitelia Smithii. 
C. spinulosa, Wall. India, Japan. 
C. tricolor, Col. See dealbata. 
C. Tussacii, Desv. West Indies. 

Cyclodium. See Aspidium. 
Cyclopeltis. See Aspidium. 
Cyrtogoiiium. See Acrostichum. 
Cyrtomium. See Aspidium. 
Cyrtophlebium. See Polypodium. 

Cystopteris, Bernh. 

C. alpina, Desv. Europe, Asia Minor. Hook. Brit, 
Ferns, t. 24. 

C. bulbifera, Bernh. Nortb America. 

C. fragilis. Bernh. Cosmopolitan. Hook. Brit. Ferns, 
t. 23. 

var. angustata, Link. Europe, 
var. dickieana, Moore. Scotland. 

C. montana, Link. Europe, North America. Hook. 
Brit. Ferns, t. 25. 

(7. tennis, Schott. See fragilis. 
Darea. See Asplenium. 


Davallia, J. E. Smith. 
D. aculeata, Sw. West Indies, 
var. inermis, Hort. 

D. affinis, Hook. Tropical and sub-tropical Asia,. 

D. alpina, Bl. Malaya, Polynesia. 

D. angustata, Wall. Malay Peninsula and Islands, 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Pil. t. 231. 

D. assamica, Baker. Bhotan, Manipur. 

D. bullata, Wall. Japan, Tropical Asia, 
var. cristata, Hort. 

var. cyphochlamys, Baker & Clarke. Northern India, 
var. decora, (Moore) Baker. Java, 
var. Mariesii, (Moore) Baker. Japan. 

D, canariensis, J. E. Sm. Western Europe and the- 

D. chaerophylla, Wall. India, Malaya. 

D. ciliata, Hook. Philippines, 
var. angustata, Hort. 

D. decora, Moore. See bullata, var. 
D. decurrens, Hook. Philippines. 
D. dissecta, J. Sm. Java, 
var. elegans, Hort. 

D. divaricata, BL India, Malaya. 
D. elata, Sw. See elegans, var. 

D. elegans, Sw. Tropical Asia, Africa and Australia, 
var. elata, Baker. 
var. Kunzei, Hort. Malya. 
var. polydactyla, Hort. 

Davallia, J. E. Smith cont. 
D. epiphylla, BL Malay Peninsula, Java. 
D. fejeensis, Hook. Fiji Islands, 
var. effusa, Hort. 
var. gracillima, Hort. 
var. major, Hort. 
var. plumosa, Hort. 
var. robusta, Hort. 

D. Jijiensis, Hook. & Baker. See fejeensis. 

D. fceniculacea, Hook. Fiji. 

D. glabella, Hort. Garden origin. 

D. griffithiana, Hook. China, India, Malaya. 

D. hemiptera, Bory. See repens. 

D. heterophyJla, /. E. Sm. Malay Peninsula, Polynesia. 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 27. 

D. hirta, Kaulf. India, Malaya, Polynesia, 
var. cristata, Hort. 

D. illustris, Hort. Garden origin. 

D. immersa, Wall. India, Malaya. Hook. Fil. Exot. 
t. 79. 

D. khasyana, Hook. See strigosa. 

D. lawsoniana, Hort. Garden origin. 

D. Lindleyi, Hook. See solida, var. caudata. 

D. Lorranei, Hance. Malay Peninsula. 

D. lonchitidea, Wall. See platyphylla. 

D. lucida, Hort. See solida. 

D. madagascariensis, Baker. Madagascar. 

D. majuscula, Lowe. Ceylon. 


Davallia, J. E. Smith cont. 

D. marginalis, Baker. China, Japan, India. 

D. Mariesii, Moore. See bullata, var. 

D. mauritiana, Hook. Mauritius. 

D. mooreana, Masters. See pallida. 

D. nitidula, Kze. Tropical and South Africa. 

D. Novae-Zealandiae, Col. New Zealand. 

D. ornata, Wall. See solida, var. latifolia. 

D. pallida, Mett. Malaya and Polynesia, 
var. intermedia, Hort. 

D. parvula, Wall. Malay Peninsula and Archipelago. 

D. pedata, J. E. Sm. Tropical and subtropical Asia, 
Australia, Mascarene Islands. Hook. Gard. Ferns, 

t, 7. 

D. pentaphylla, Bl. Java, Polynesia. Hook. Fil. Exot. 
t. 37. 

D. platyphylla, D. Don. India. D. lonchitidea, Wall. ; 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 19. 

D. potyantha, Hook. See divaricata. 

D. polypodioides, D. Don. See Speluncae. 

D. pulchella, Hook. Philippines, Fiji, Samoa. 

D. pulchra, D. Don. China, India. 

D. pycnocarpa, Brackenr. See pentaphylla. 

D. repens, Desv. India, Malaya, Polynesia. 

D. retusa, Cav. See Lindsaya retusa. 

D. rhomboidea, Wall. See strigosa, var. 

D. scabra, D. Don. See marginalis. 


Davallia, J. E. Smith cont. 

D solida, Sw. Malaya, Polynesia, Queensland. Hook. 
Fil. Exot. t. 57. 

var. caudata, Hook. Singapore, 
var. latifolia, Hook. Penang. 
var. Lindleyi, Hook. See var. caudata. 
var. lucida, Hort. 

D. Speluncse, Baker. Tropics, ubiquitous. 

D. stenocarpa, Hort. Par. See madagascariensis. 

D. strigosa, Sw. Tropical and subtropical Asia, 

var. rhomboidea, Hook. Northern India. 

D. tenuifolia, Sw. Tropics of the Old World, 
var. stricta, Hort. 
var. Veitchii, Hort. 

D. trichosticha, Hook. See Speluncse. 

D. triphylla, Hook. Singapore. 

D. Tyermanni, Baker. China. Hook. Ic. PI. 1. 1620. 

D. villosa, Wall. See marginalis. 

Dennstaedtia. See Dicksonia. 

Deparia, Hook. & Grev. 

D. Moorei, Hook. New Caledonia. Hook. Fil. Exot. 

t. 28. 

Diacalpe, Bl. 

D. aspidioides, Bl. Tropical Asia. 

Dicksonia, UHerit. 

D. adiantoides, H. B. & K. West Indies, Tropical 


Dicksonia, IS Her it. cont. 

D. antarctica, LaUll. Australia. 

D. apiifolia, Hook. Andes of Ecuador and Peru. 

D. arborescens, VHerit. St. Helena. 

D. Barometz, Linlc. Sub-tropical Asia. 

D. Chamissoi, Hook. <k Baker. Sandwich Islands. 

D. cicutaria, 8w. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. tenera, Hort. 

D. Culcita, VHerit. Madeira, Azores and Spain. 

D. davallioides, E. Br. Australia. 

D. Deplanchei, Vieill. New Caledonia. 

D. fibrosa, Col. New Zealand. 

D. glauca, J. E. 8m. Sandwich Islands. 

D. gracilis, Col. New Zealand. 

D. Herbert!, Hill. Queensland ?. 

D. karsteniana, Klotzsch. See sellowiana, var. 

D. Lathami, Moore. Garden origin. Gard. Chron. 1885, 
xxiv. 584, 689, fig. 154. 

D. Menziesii, Hook. & Baker. Sandwich Islands. 

D. obtusifolia, Willd. See adiantoides. 

D. princeps, Hort. See Cyathea insignis. 

D. punctiloba, Hook. See punctilobula. 

D. punctilobula, .4. Gray. North America. 

D. regalis, Baker. Mexico. 

D. rubiginosa, Kaulf. West Indies, Tropical America. 

D. Schiedei, Baker. Central America. 



Dicksonia, VHerit. cont. 

D. seilowiana, Hook. South Brazil. 

var. karsteniana, Baker. Guatemala and Andes of 

D. spectaUlis, Hort. See Wendlandi. 
D. squarrosa, Siv. New Zealand. 
D. tenera, Hort. See apiifolia. 
D. Wendlandi, Baker. Guatemala. 

var. Verschaffeltii, Hort. 
D. Youngiae, G. Moore. New South Wales. 
Dictyogramme. See Gymnogramme. 

Dictyopteris. See Polypodium. 

Didymochlaena, Desv. 

D. lunulata, Desu. Tropics, ubiquitous. Hook. Gard . 
Ferns, t. 17. 

D. sinuosa, Desv. See lunulata. 
D. truncatula, J. Sm. See lunulata. 

Didymoglossum. See Hymenophylluni. 
Diplazium. See Asplenium. 
Dipteris. See Polypodium. 
Disphenia. See Cyathea. 

Doodia, R. Br. 

D. amoena, Hort. Garden origin. 
D. aspera, R. Br. Temperate Australia, 
var. multifida, Hort. 

23941 c 2 



Doodia, It. Br. cont. 
D. blechnoides, Cunn. Australia. 
D. caudata, R. Br. Australia and New Zealand. 
D. kunthiana, Gaud. Sandwich Islands. 
D. lunulata, R. Br. See media. 
D. media, JR. Br. Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand. 

Doryopteris. See Pteris. 

Drymoglossum, Presl. 

D. carnosum, Hook. Eastern Himalaya, 
var. minor, Hook. China and Japan. 

D. piloselloides, Presl. India, Malaya. Hook. Qard. 
Ferns, t. 46. 

D. spathulatum, Presl. See piloselloides. 

D. subcordatum, Fee. See carnosum, var. minor 

Drynaria. See Polypodium. 

D. diversifolia, J. Sm. See P. rigidulum. 
D. morbillosa, J. Sm. See P. Heracleum. 

Dryopteris. See Nephrodium. 
D. acrostichoides, 0. Kze. See Aspidium. 

Egenolfia. See Acrostichum. 
Elaphoglossum. See Acrostichum. 
Eupodium. See Marattia. 

Fadyenia, Hook. 

F. prolifera, Hook. West Indies. 


Feea. See Trichomanes. 

Gleichenia, J. E. Smith. 

G. circinata, Sw. Australia, New Zealand, Malaya, 
var. backhousiana, Hort. 
var. semivestita, (Labill.) Baker. New Caledonia. 

G. dicarpa, R. Br. Australia, New Zealand. Hook. 
Fil. Exot. t. 40. 

var. alpina, Hook. Tasmania, New Zealand, Malaya, 
var. glauca, Moore. 
var. longipinnata, Hort. 

G. flabellata, R. Br. Australia, New Zealand, New 
Caledonia. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 71. 

G. longipinnata, Hort. See dicarpa, var. 

G. rupsstris, R. Br. Australia, 
var. glaucescens, Hort. 

Ooniophlebium. See Polypodium. 
Goniopteris. See Polypodium. 
Gymnogramme, Desv. 

G. ampla, Benth. Australia. 

G. calomelanos, Kaulf. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 50. 

var. Alston!, Hort. 

var. argyrophylla, Hort. 

var. chrysophylla, Baker. 

var. grandiceps, Hort. 

var. grandiceps superba, Hort. 

var. intermedia, (Fee). 

var. Martensii, (Link) Baker. 

i ' 


Oymnogramine, Desv.cont. 

G. caudiformis, Hook. Tropical Asia, Polynesia. Gram- 
mi t is caudifortnis, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5328. 

Gr. chrysophylla, Kaulf. See calomelanos. 
G. decurrens, Hook. See elliptica. 

G. dobroydense, Hurt. Garden origin, 
var. cristata, Hort. 

O. elliptica, Baker. Tropical Asia, Queensland. Gram- 
mitis decurrens, Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 6. 

<G. gracilis, Reward. Jamaica. 

G. hamiltoniana, Hook. Eastern Himalaya. 

G. Heyderi, Laucke. Dominica, 
var. argentea, Hort. 

G. japonica, Hook. Japan, Formosa. 

G. laucheana, K. Koch. See calomelanos. 

Gr. leptophylla, Desv. Cosmopolitan. Hook. Brit. 
Ferns, t. 1. 

G. UHerminierij Link. See calomelanos. 

G. Mathewsii, Hook. Peru. 

G. Muelleri, Hook. Australia. 

G. multiceps, Hort. See calomelanos. 

G. ochracea, Presl. See tartarea, var. 

<G. Parsonsii, Moore. Sec calomelanos. 

<G. Pearcei, Moore. Peru, 
var. robusta, Hort. 


Gymnogramme, Desv. cont. 

G. peruviana, Desv. See calomelanos. 

G. pulchella, Linden. Venezuela. Hook. Fil. Exot. 
t. 74. 

var. wettenhalliana, Hort. 
var. Mayi, Hort. 
G. rufa, Desv. West Indies, Tropical America. 

G. schizophylla, Baker. Hook. Ic. PI. t. 1682. 
var. elegantissima, Hort. 
var. gloriosa, Rodigas. 111. Hort. 1884, t. 522. 

G. sulphurea, Desv. West Indies, 
var. grandiceps, Hort. 

G. tartarea, Desv. Tropical America, 
var. ochraeea, Baker. South Brazil. 

G. tomentosa, Desv. South America. Hook. FiL 
Exot. t. 13. 

G. triangularis, Kaulf. From Vancouver Island to 
Ecuador, Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 10. 

G. Veitchii, Hort. Garden hybrid. 
Gymnopteris. See Acrostichum. 
Haplopteris. See Vittaria. 

Helminthostachys, Kaulf. 
H. dulcis y Kaulf. See zeylanica. 

H. zeylanica, Hook. India, Malaya, Queensland. Hook. 
Gard. Ferns, t. 28. 

Hemidictyum. See Asplenium. 


Hemionitis, L. 

H. cordata, Roxb. India, Malaya. Hook. & Grev. Ic. 
Fil. t. 64. 

H. palmata, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

Hemitelia, R. Br. 

H. capensis, K. Br. South Africa, Brazil. 
H. setosa, Mett. Brazil. 
H. Smithii, Hook. New Zealand. 

H. speciosa, Hook. Colombia. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 66. 
var. Klotzschii, Hort. 

Humata. See Davallia. 

Hymenodium. See Acrostichum. 
Hymenolepis. See Acrostichum. 

Kymenophyllum, /. E. <S'///. 

H. asplenioides, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

H. axillare, Sw. West Indies, Venezuela. 

H. capillaceum, Roxb. St. Helena. 

H. Catharines, Hook. West Indies. 

H. caudiculatum, Mart. Tropical America, Chili. 

H. chiloense, Hook. South Chili and Island of Chiloe. 

H. ciliatum, Sw. Tropical Africa and America. Hook. 
& Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 35. 

H. crispatum, Wall. See javanicum, var. 

H. cruentum, Cav. Chili. Hook. Sp. Fil. i. t. 31, fig. A. 


Hymenophyllum, J. E. Sm. cont. 

. demissum, Sw. New Zealand, Polynesia, Malaya, 
var. nitens, Hort. 

H. dilatatum, Sw. New Zealand, Polynesia, Java. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 60. 

var. fosterianum, Hort. 

H. flabellatum, Labill. Australia and New Zealand. 
H. flexuosum, Cunn. See javanicum, var. 
H. fosterianum, Hort. See dilatatum, var. 

H. fucoides, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. Hook. 
Ic. PI. t. 963. 

H. gracile, Bory. South. Africa, Mascarene Islands.. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 198. 

H. hirsutum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical and Temperate 
South America, Mascarene Islands. Hook. & Grev . 
Ic. Fil. t. 84. 

H. hirtellum, Sw. West Indies, Mexico. 

H. javanicum, Spreng. Tropical Asia, Australia and 
New Zealand. 

var. crispatum, ( Wall.) Baker. India. 

var. flexuosum, (A. Cunn.) Baker. Australia.. H~ 
flexuosum, A. Cunn. ; Hook. Ic. PI. t. 962. 

var. montanum, Hort. 
var. tamariscifolium, Hort. 

H. lineare, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. elegantissima, Hort. 

H. multifidum, Sw. New Zealand, Polynesia. 

H. pectinatum. Cav. Chili and Chiloe. 
var. superbum, Hort. 

H. polyanthos, Sw. Tropics, ubiquitous, 
var. villosum, (Col.) Baker. New Zealand. 


Hymenophyllum, J. E. Si. cont. 

H. pulcherrimum, Col. New Zealand. 

H. rarum, H. Br. S. Africa, Mascarene Islands, New 

H. scabrum, A. Rich. New Zealand. 

H. sericeum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

H. subtilissimum, Kze. New Zealand. 

H. tamari set folium, Hort. See javanicum, var. 

H. tunbridgense, Sw. Ubiquitous. Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 43. 

var. Wilsoni, Hook. Britain, Norway. H. Wilsoni, 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 44. 

' H. villosum, Col. See polyanthos, var. 

Hypoderris, R. Br. 

H. Brownii, J. Sm. Trinidad. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 24. 

Hypolepis, Be-rnh. 

H. bergiana, Hook. Tropical and South Africa. 

H. millefolia, Hook. New Zealand. 

H. purdieana, Hook. Colombia. 

H. radiata, Hook. See Cheilanthes. 

H. repens, Presl. West Indies, Tropical America. 

H. tenuifolia, Bernh. Malaya, Polynesia, Australasia. 

Isoloma. See Lindsaya. 

Kaulfussia, Bl. 

K. sesculifolia, Bl. Assam, Malaya. Hook. & Grev. Ic. 
Fil. t. 229. 


Lastrea. See Nephrodium. 

L. aristata, Hort. See Aspidium aristatum. 

L. atrovirens, J. Sm. See Nephrodium decompositum. 

L. opaca, Hook. See Aspidium varium. 

Lepicystis. See Polypodium. 
Leptochilus. See Acrostichum. 
Leptogramme. See Gymnogramme. 
Leptopteris. See Todea. 
Leucostegia. See Davallia. 

Lindsaya, Dry. 

L. guianensis, Dry. West Indies, Tropical America. 
L. linearis, Sw. Australia, New Zealand. 
L. Loivii, Hort. See Acrostichum sorbifolium. 
L. retusa, Mett. Malaya. 

L. trapeziformis, Dry. Tropical America, Malaya, 
var. falcata, Baker. West Indies. 

Litobrochia. See Pteris. 

Llavea, Lag. 

L. cordifolia, Lag. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5159. 


Lomaria, Willd. 

L. alpina, Spreng. South temperate zone. Hook. Fil. 
Exot. t. 32. 


Lomaria, Willd cont. 

L. attenuata, Willd. Tropical and South temperate 

var. glgantea, (Kaulf.) Baker. South Africa. L~ 
gigantea, Kaulf. ; 111. Hort, 1876, t. 237. 

var. heterophylla, Hort. 
L. Banksii, Hook. /. New Zealand. 

L. boryana, Willd. Tropical and South temperate 

L. capensis, Willd. See procera. 

L. ciliata, Moore. New Caledonia. 111. Hort. 1876,. 
t. 252. 

L. discolor, Willd. Australia and New Zealand, 
var. bipinnatifida, Hort. 
var. nuda, (JR. Br.) Baker. Australia. 

L. fluviatilis, Spreng. Australia and New Zealand. 
Hook, f . Fl. Tasm. t. 16. 

L. gibba, Labill. Sert. Austr. Caled. tt. 4-5. New 
Caledonia, &c. L. neocaledonica, Linden & Fourcu 
111. Hort. 1876, t. 251. 

var. blechnoides, Hort. 
var. tincta, Hort. 

L. gigantea, Kaulf. See attenuata. 

L. Gilliesii, Hook. & Grev. See procera. 

L. heterophylla, Hort. See attenuata. 

L. lanceolata, Spreng. Australia, New Zealand, Poly- 
nesia. Hook. Ic. PI. t. 429. 

L. L'Herminieri, Bory. West Indies, Tropical America,. 
Chili. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t, 40. 

L. magellanica, Desv. See boryana. 


Lomaria, Willdcont. 

L. membranacea, GoL New Zealand. Hook. Sp. Fil. 
iii. t. 145. 

L. minor, R. Br. See procera. 

L. neocaledomca, Linden & Fourn. See gibba. 

L. nipponica, Kunze. Japan. 

L. Patersonii, Spreng. Australia. Hook. Fil. Exot. 
t. 49. 

L. procera, Spreng. Southern Hemisphere. Hook. 
Gard. Ferns, t. 53. 

L. punctulata, Kze. South Africa. Scolopendrvurn 

Krebsii, Kze ; Bot, Mag. t. 4768. 

var. blechnoidea, Baker. South Africa. 

L. Spicant, Desv. North temperate zone. Blechnum 
loreale, Sw. ; Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 40. 

var. imbricata, Hort. 
L. tuberculata, J. Sni. See procera. 
L. zamicefolia, Hort. See boryana. 
L. zamoides, Gardn. See boryana. 

Lomariopsis. See Acrostichum. 

L. luxifolium, Fee. See A. sorbifolium, -var. buxi- 

Lonchitis, L. 

L. pubescens, Willd. Tropics. 

var. mollissima, Hurt. Tropical Africa. Gonpiwis 
brazziana. Linden. 

Lopholepis. See Polypodium. 
Lophosoria. See Alsophila. 


Lorinseria. See Woodwardia. 
Lotzea. See Asplenium. 
Loxoscaphe. See Davallia. 

Lygodictyon. See Lygodium. 
L. Fosteri, J. Sm. See Lygodinm reticulatum. 

Lygodium, Siv. 
L. circinatum, Sw. See dichotomum. 

L. dichotomum, Sw. Tropical Asia. Hook. & Grev, 
Ic. Fil. t, 55. 

L. japonicum, Sw. Tropics of the Old World. 

L. palmatum, Sw. United States. Hook. Fil. Exot, 
t. 24. 

L. reticulatum, Schkuhr. Polynesia, East Tropical 

L. scandens, Sw. Tropics of the Old World. 

var. microphyllum, (E. Br.) Baker. Australia. 
L. volubile, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

Marattia, /. E. Sm. 

M. alata, J. E. Sm. West Indies, Central America. 

M. attenuata, LaUll. New Caledonia. 111. Hort. 1876. 
t, 246. 

M. Ascensiunis, J. Sm. See fraxinea, var. purpurascens. 

M. Burkei, Baker. Colombia. Gard. Chron. 1897, xxiu 
425, fig. 129. 

M. Cooperi, Hort. See attenuata. 

M. cristato, J. Sm. See fraxinea, var. purpurascens. 


Marattia, J. E. Sm. cont. 
M. elegans, Endl. See fraxinea. 

M. fraxinea, ./. E. Sm. Tropics and sub-tropica of the 
Old World. Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. 461. 

Tar. purpurascens, (De Vriese) Baker. Ascension 

M. Kaulfussii, /. Sm. West Indies, Tropical America. 

M. laxa, Kze. Mexico. 

M. Moorei, Hort. See attenuate. 

M. sorbifolia, Bory. See fraxinea. 

Meniscium, Schreb. 
M. deltigerum, Wall. See Acrostichurn virens. 

M. reticulatum, Schkuhr. West Indies, Tropical America . 
var. macrophyllum, Baker. Brazil. 

M. serratum, Cav. West Indies, Tropical America. 

M. simplex, Hook. Tropical and sub-tropical Asia. Hook 
Fil. Exot. t. 73. 

Mertensia. See Gleichenia. 
Mesochlaena. See Didymochlsena. 
Microlepia. See Davallia. 
Microsorium. See Polypodium. 

Mohria, Sw. 

M. Caffrorum, Desv. South Africa, 
var. achillesefolia, Hort. 

M. thurifraga, Sw See Caffrorum. 


Myriopteris. See Cheilanthes. 

Neottopteris. See Asplenium. 

Nephrodium, L. C. Rich. 

N. acrostichoides, Michx. See Aspidium. 
N. affine, Lowe. See Filix-Mas. 

N. albopunctatum, Desv. Tropical and South Africa, 
Mascarene Islands, Fiji. Hook. Fil. Exot. t, 89. 

N. areolatum, Hort. See Woodwardia areolata. 

N. atratum, Wall. See hirtipes. 

N. Blumei, Hook. See intermedium. 

N. canum, Baker. Himalaya. 

N. chrysolobum, Fee. Brazil and Colombia. 

TT cicutarium, Baker. Tropics, ubiquitous. Aspidium 
coadunatum, Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 202. 

N. cochleatum, D. Don. See Filix-mas, var. 

N. confluens, F. Muell. Queensland. 

N. conterminum, Desv. West Indies, Tropical America. 

N. coruscum, Hort. See Aspidium varium. 

N. crinitum, Desv. Mascarene Islands. Poli/podium 
crinitum, Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 66. 

N. cristatum, Michx. Europe, North America. Hook. 

Brit. Ferns, t. 17. 
var. clintonianum, Hort. 
var. uliginosum, Baker. 

N. cuspidatum, Baker. Northern India, Yunnan. 
Lastrea cuspidata, Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. 232. 


Nephrodium, L. C. Rich. cont. 

N. decomposition, R. Br. Australia, New Zealand, 

var. g-labellum, Baker. Australia, New Zealand, 
var. Shepherdi, (Kze) Baker. Australia, New Zealand 

N. decurrens, Baker. Tropical Asia, 
var. Thwaitesii, J. Sm. Ceylon. 

N. decursivopinnatum, Baker. China and Japan. 
JV. dilatatnm, Desv. See spinulosum, var. 

N. dissectum, Desv. Tropics of the Old World, 
var. membranifolium, (Presl) Baker. Malaya. 

U. effusum, Baker. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. divergens, Baker. 

N. erythrosorum. Hook. China, Japan. Hook. Sp. Fil. 
iv. t. 253. 

N.* Tilix-mas, L. C. Rich. Temperate regions, ubiqui- 
tous. Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 15. 

var. cochleatum, Hook. India. 

N. fragrans, Richardson. North Asia, North America. 
N. fflabetlutn* A. Cunn. See decompositum. 

N. goldieanum, Hook. North America. Hook. & Grev. 
Ic. Fil. t. 102. 

N. Grisebachii, Baker. Cuba. 

N. hirtipes, Hook. Tropical Asia. Lastrea 
Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. 233. 

N. hispidum, Hook. Australia, New Zealand. 
N. intermedium, Baker. Tropical Asia. 
N. Jenmani, Baker. Jamaica. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 175. 


Nephrodium, L. C. Rich.cont. 
N. lacerum, Baker. Japan. 
N. latifolium, Baker. Polynesia. 
N. lepidum, Moore. Polynesia. 

N. leuzeanum, Hook. Tropical Asia, Polynesia. Pleo- 
cnemia leuzeana, Presl ; Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 355, 
fig. 74. 

N. macrophyllum, Baker. West Indies Tropical 

var. calvatum, Hort. 

N. marginale, Michx. North America. 

N. Maximowiczii, Baker. China. 

N. meiribranifolium, Presl. See dissectum. 

N. molle, Desv. Ubiquitous in warm countries, 
var. polydactylon, Hort. Tropics. 

N. montanum, Baker. Europe, North America. 
N. Oreopteris, Desv. ; Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 14. 

N. nevadense, Baker. California. 

N. noveboracense, Desv. North America. 

N. Oreopteris, Desv. See montanum. 

N. patens, Desv. Tropics and slightly beyond. 

N. patulum, Baker. West Indies, Tropical America. 

N. polymorphum, Baker. India, Malaya. 

N. prolificum , Maxim. See ery throsorum. 

N. recedens, Hook. Philippines, India, Ceylou. 

N. Richardsi, Baker. New Caledonia, 
var. multifidum, Hort. 

23941 D 

Nephrodium, L. C. Rich.cont. 

N. rigidum, Desv. North temperate zone. Hook 
Brit. Ferns, t. 16. 

var. americanum, Hook. North America. 
N. sanctum, Baker. West Indies, Guatemala. 

N. scabrosum, Baker. Nilgherries. Lastrea scabrosa, 
Bedd. Hand. Ferns Ind. 263. 

N. setigerum, Baker. Japan, Tropical Asia, Polynesia, 
var. cristatum. Hort. 

N. Sieboldii, Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 31. Japan. 

N. Sloanei, Baker. West Indies, Tropical America. 

N. *spinulosum, Desv. North temperate zone. 

var. Boottii, Baker. United States. 

var. dilatatum, Hook. Europe. Hook. Brit. Ferns, 1. 19. 
N. subbiauritum, Hook. Madagascar. 

N. subtriphyllum, Baker. Tropical Asia, Polynesia, 
Mascarene Is. 

N. tenericaule, Hook. See setigerum. 

N. Thelypteris, Desv. North and South temperate zones. 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 13. 

N. trichophorum, Baker. Guadeloupe. 

N. truncatum, Presl. India, Malaya, Polynesia, 

N. unitum, R. Br. Tropical and subtropical regions. 

N. variolosum, Baker. India, Malaya. 

N. villosum, Presl. West Indies, Tropical America. 

Nephrolepis, Schott. 
N. acuta, Presl. Tropics, ubiquitous. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 179. 
23941 D 2 


Nephrolepis, Schott cont. 
N. Bausei, Hort. Garden origin. 
N. biserrata, Schott. See acuta. 
N. bostoniensis, Hort. Garden origin. 

N. cordifolia, Baker. Tropics, ubiquitous. Bedd. 

Handb. Ferns Ind. 283. 


var. compacta, Hort. 

var. crispato-congesta, Hort. 

var. edmontoniensis, Hort. 

var. pectinata, Baker. Tropical America. 

var. philippinensis, Hort. Philippines. 

N. davallioides, Kze. Java. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 60. 
var. furcans, Hort. 
var. multiceps, Hort. 

N. Duffii, Moore. Australia. Garcl. Chron. 1878, 
ix. 623, fig. 113. 

N. emifolia, Presl. See acuta. 

N. exaltata, Schott. Tropics, ubiquitous. Bedd. Ferns 
S. Ind. t. 93. 

var. Barter!, Hort. West Tropical Africa. 

var. hirsutula, Baker. Malaya, Tropical Australia. 

N. Faulkneri, Hort. Garden origin. 

N. floccigera, Hort. Garden origin. 

N. Fosteri, Hort. Garden origin. 

N. Hestoni, Hort. Garden origin. 

N. pectinata, Schott. See cordifolia, var. 

N. philippinensis, Hort. See cordifolia, var. 

N. Pluma, Moore. Madagascar. Gard. Chron. 1878, 
ix. 589, fig. 108. 

Nephrolepis, Schott cont. 

N. ramosa, Moore. Tropics of the Old World. 
N. recurvata, Hort. See exaltata. 

N. rufescens, Presl. Tropics. 

var. Mayi, Hort. 

var. tripinnatifida, Baker. Solomon Islands. 
N. tuberosa, Presl. See cordifolia. 
N. undulata, J. Sm. See cordifolia. 
N. Westoni, Hort. Garden origin. 
N. Wittboldi, Hort. Garden origin. 

Neurocallis. See Acrostichum. 
Niphobolus. See Poly podium. 
Niphopsis. See Polypodium. 
Nothochlaena. See Notholaena. 

Notholaena, R. Br. 

N. distans, R. Br. Australia, New Zealand, New 

N. eckloniana, Kze. South Africa. 

N. ferruginea, Hook. West Indies, Tropical America. 

N. flavens, Moore. Central America. Gymnogramme 
flavem, Sw. ; Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 47. 

N. Hookeri, Lowe. See nivea. 

N. Icevis, Martens & Gal. See sinuata. 

N. lanuginosa, Desv . S. Europe, Atlantic Islands, 

N. Marantae, J?. Br. S. Europe, N. Africa, temp. Asia. 


Notholaena, R. Br. cont. 
N. rufa, Presl. See f erruginea. 
N. sinuata, Kaulf. Tropical America. 
N. trichomanoides, R. Br. Jamaica, Cuba. 

Odontosoria. See Davallia. 

Oleandra, Oav. 

0. articulata, Cav. Tropical and S. Africa, Mascarene 

0. nodosa, Presl. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Olfersia. See Acrostichum. 

Onoclea, L. 

0. germanica, Willd. North temperate zone. 
0. pennsylvanica, Willd. See germanica. 
0. sensibilis, L. Northern Asia, North America. 

Onychium, Kaulf. . 
0. japonicum, Kze. Japan, Himalaya. 
0. lucidum, Spreng. See japonicum. 

Ophioglossum, L. 

0. vulgatum, L. Ubiquitous in cold and temperate 
regions. Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 46. 

Osmunda, L. 
(X bipinnata, Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 9. Hong Kong. 

0. cinnamomea, L. North and Central America, West 
Indies, Northern Asia. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 45. 


Osmunda, L. cont. 

0. claytoniana, L. North America, Himalaya. 
O. inlerrupta, Michx. See claytoniana. 
O.japonica, Thunb. See regalis. 
0. javanica, SI. From Kamschatka to Java. 

0. *regalis, L. North and South temp, regions. Hook. 

Brit. Ferns, t. 45. 
var. japonica, Milde. Japan. 
O. spectabilis, Willd. See regalis. 

Paesia. See Pteris. 
Paragramma. See Polypodium. 
Parkeria. See Ceratopteris. 

Pellaea, Link. 
P. adiantifolia, Hort. See hastata. 

P. atropurpurea, Link. North and Central America. 
Lowe, Ferns, iii. t. 30. 

P. cordata, J. Sm. Mexico, Western South America. 
AUosorus cordatus, Presl ; Bot. Mag. t. 4698. 

var. flexuosa, Baker. Western South America. 
AUosorus Jiexuosus, Kaulf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4762. 

P. densa, Hook. North America. 

P. falcata, Fee. Tropical Asia and Australia. 

P. geraniifolia, Fee. Tropics. Pteris geraniifolia, 
Raddi ; Hook. Ic. PI. t. 915. 

P. gracilis, Hook. Northern Asia, North America. 

P. hastata, Link. Tropical and South Africa. Hook. 
Fil. Exot. t. 50. 

* For garden varieties, sec. p. 179. 


Pellaea, Linkcant. 

P. intramarginalis, J. Sm. Central America. 
P. involuta, Baker. East Tropical Africa. 
P. mucronata, Eaton. California, New Mexico. 

P. rotundifolia, Hook. New Zealand, Norfolk Island. 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 48. 

P. viridis, Forsk. See hastata. 

P. wrightiana, Hook. See mucronata. 

Phegopteris. See Polypodium. 
P. trichodes, J. Sm. See Nephrodium setigerum. 

Phlebodium. See Polypodium. 
P. incequale, Moore. See Polypodium guatemalense. 

Phymatodes. See Polypodium. 
P. vulgaris, Presl. See Polypodium Phymatodes. 

Platycerium, Desv. 

P. aethiopicum, Hook. Tropical Africa. Hook. Gard. 
Ferns, t. 9. 

P. alcicorne, Desv. Australia. Bot. Reg. tt. 262-3. 

var. Hillii, Bailey. Queensland. P. Hillii y Moore, 
Gard. Chron. 1878, x. 428, figs. 74-5. 

P. angolense, Welw. Tropical Africa. 

P. biforme, Bl. Malaya. Bedd. Ferns Brit. Ind. tt. 
109, 224. 

P. grande, J. Sm. Tropical Asia, North Australia. 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 86. 

P. madagascariense, Baker. Madagascar. 


Platycerium, Desv. cont. 
P. Stemmaria, P. Beauv. See sethiopicum. 
P. Veitchii, Hort. Garden origin. 

P. Wallichii, Hook. Malay Peninsula. Hook. FiL 
Exot. t. 97. 

P. Willinckii, Moore. Java. Gard. Chron. 1875, iii. 
303, fig. 56. 

Platyloma. See Pellsea. 
Pleocnemia. See Nephrodium. 
Pleopeltis. See Polypodiuna. 
Pleuridium. See Polypodium. 
Pcecilopteris. See Acrostichum. 
Polybotrya. See Acrostichum. 

Polypodium, L. 

P. adnascens, Sw. Tropical Asia and Africa. Nipho- 
bolus adnascens, Kaulf. ; Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 19. 

P. albopunctatissimunii Linden. See crassifolium, var. 

P. albosquamatum, Bl. Malaya. Hook. Gard. Ferns, 
t. 47. 

P. alpestre, Hoppe. North temperate zone. Hook. 
Brit. Ferns, t. 6. 

var. flexile, Moore. Scotland. 
P. americanum, Hook. Andes of Ecuador. 
P. amphostemon, Kze. See angustifolium. 


Polypodium, L. cont. 
P. angulatum, Willd. Malay Islands. 

P. angustatnm, Sw. Malay Peninsula and Islands. 
Australia. Niphobolus angustatus, Spreng. ; Hook. 
Gard. Ferns, t. 20. 

P. angustifolium, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

P. appendiculatum, Wall. India. Hook. Fil. Exot. 

t. 87. 

P. areolatum, H. B. & K. See aureum, var. 

P. attenuatum, H. B. & K. West Indies, Tropical 

P. aureum, L. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. areolatum, Baker. Brazil, 
var. glaucum, Hort. 
var. Mayi, Hort. 
var. pulvinatum, Baker. 
var. sporodocarpum, ( Willd.} Baker. 

P. Billardieri, R. Br. Australia and New Zealand. 

P. brevifohum, Link. See Phyllitidis, var. linnseanum. 

P. calcareum, J. E. Sin. See Dryopteris, var. robertia- 

P. cambricum, L. See vulgare, var. 

P. cameroonianum, Hook. Cameroon Mountains. 

P. Catharince, J. Sm. See loriceum. 

P. chnoodes, Spreng. West Indies, Venezuela. 

P. colpodes, Kze. See plesiosorum. 

P. conjugatum, Lam. Tropical Asia. P. coronam, 
Wall. ; Hook. Fil. Exot. 91. 

P. contiguum, Wall. See longifolium. 


Polypodium, L. coni. 
P. coronans, Wall. See conjugatum. 

P. crassifolium, L. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. albopunctatissimum, (J. Sm.) Baker. Brazil. 

P. cuspidatum, Bl. See persicaefolium. 

P. decurrens, Raddi. Tropical America. 

P. dissimile, Hook. See chnoodes. 

P. distans, Raddi. See fraxinifolium. 

P. diver gens, Willd. See Nephrodium effusum, var. 

P. diversifolium, Sw. Tropical America. Hook. Gard. 
Ferns, t. 5. 

P. Dryopteris, L. North temperate zone. ^ Hook. Brit. 
Ferns, t. 4. 

var. robertianum, Ruprecht. P. robertianum, Hoffm. ; 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 5. 

P. effusum^ Sw. See Nephrodium. 

P. elasticum, L. C. Rich. Tropical America. 

P. ensifolium, Willd. See angustifolium. 

P. falcatum, Kellogg. California. 

P. Fendleri, Eaton. Venezuela, Colombia. 

P. fossum, Baker. Garden origin. 

P. fraxinifolium, Jacq. Tropical America. Jacq. Ic. 
t. 639. 

P. glaucophyllum, Kze. West Indies, Tropical America, 
West Africa. Goniophlelium glaucophyllum, 
J. Sm. ; Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 7, fig. 1. 

var. glabrum, Moore. 
var. viride, Hort. 

P. grande, Presl. See macropterum, var. splendidum. 


Polypodium, L. cont. 
P. guatemalense, Hook. Central America. 
P. harpeodes, Link. See loriceum. 
P. hastatum, Thunb. Japan. 
P. hemionitideum, Wall. North India, South. China. 

P. Heracleum, Kze. Java, Philippines. Hook. Gard. 
. Ferns, t. 1. 

P. hexagonopterum, Michx. North America. Hook. & 
Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 210. 

P. hirsutum, Sw. Brazil. 

P. hydrophilum, Kze. Dominica. 

P. incanum, Sw. Tropical and South Africa, America 
from Ohio southwards. 

P. incurvatum, Bl. Malay Peninsula. 

P. irioides. Lam. Tropics and subtropics of the Old 
World. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 4. 

var. ramocristatum, Hort. 

P. juglandifolium, D. Don. Himalaya, 
var. tenuicauda, Baker. 

P. kdrwinskianum, A. Br. See plebeium. 

P. Knightiae, Hort. Australia. Gard. Chron. 1903, 
xxxiii. 245, fig. 99. 

P. lachnopus, Wall. Northern India. 
P. Isevigatum, Cav . Tropical America. 
P. lanceolatum, L. Tropics. 
P. lapathifolium, Poir. See laevigatum. 

P. leiorhizon, Wall. India, China. Hook. Fil. Exot. 
t. 25. 


Polypodium, L. cont. 

P. lepidopteris, Kze. Tropical America, 
var. sepultum, Baker. Tropical America. 

P. lineare, Thunb. Tropical and subtropical Asia, 
Tropical and subtropical Africa. 

P. Lingua, Sw. Manchuria to Malaya, 
var. corymbiferum, Hort. 
var. Heteractis, Baker. Himalaya. 

P. longifolium, Mett. Malaya. P. contiguum, Wall. ; 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 20. 

P. longipesi Link. See Phymatodes, var. 
P. longissimum, BL Tropical Asia. 

P. loriceum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

var. hirsutum, Hort. 

var. latipes, Baker. Brazil. 

var. pinnatifidum, Baker. 
P. lycopodioides, L. Tropics, ubiquitous. 

var. maximum, Hort. 
. var. owariense, (Desv.) Baker. Tropical Africa. 

var. salicifolium, Hook. Tropical America. 

var. squamulosum, Baker. South Brazil. 
P. macropterum, Kaulf. Brazil. 

var. splendid urn, Baker. South Brazil. 
P. macrourum, Baker. Australia. 
P. menisci! folium, Langsd. & Fisch. See neriifolium. 
P. meyenianum, Schott. Philippines. 
P. multilineatum, Wall. Northern India. 
P. musaefolium, BL Malaya. 

P. neriifolium, Schkuhr. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. albopunctatum, (Raddi). Tropical America. 


Polypodium, L.cont. 

P. nigrescens, Bl. India, Malaya, Polynesia. Hook. 
Fil. Exot. t. 22. 

var. grandiceps, Hort. 
P. owariense, Desv. See lycopodioides. 
P. palmatum, BL Malaya. 

P. pectinatum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 10. 

var. Paradisae, Baker. Brazil, 
var. plumosum, Hort. 

P. peltideam, Link. See Phymatodes. 

P. pendulum, Siv. West Indies, Tropical America. 

P. pennigerum, Forst. New Zealand. 

P. percussum, Cav. Tropical America. Hook. Fil. 

Exot. t. 59. 

P. persicaefolium, Desv. Malaya, 
var. grandidens, Kze. Java. 

P. *Phegopteris, L. North temperate zone. Hook. Brit, 

Ferns, t. 3. 

P. Phyllitidis, L. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. linnaeanum, Hook. 
var. obscurum, (Mett.) Baker. 

P. Phymatodes, L. Tropical Asia and Africa, 
var. cristatum, Hort. 
var. longipes, (Link) Baker. 
var. terminate, (Link) Baker. 

P. pictum, Baker. Polynesia. 

P. piloselloides, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 18. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 181. 


Polypodium, L. cont. 
P. platyphyllum, Hook. West Indies, Tropical America. 

P. plebeium, ScJilecht. Central and South America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 48. 

var. madrense, (J. Sin.). Central America. 
P. plesiosorum, Kze. Mexico to Venezuela. 
P. Plumula, H. B. & K. See elasticum. 
P. preslianum y Link. See neriifolium. 
P. propinquum, Wall. China, India, Java. 

var. Laurentii, Christ. Tropical Africa. De Wildem. 
Etudes Fl. Bas-Congo, 6, t, 2. 

P. pulvinatum, Link. See aureum, var. 

P. pustulatum, Forst. Australia and New Zealand. 

P. quercifolium, L. Tropical Asia, Queensland. 
P. repens, L. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. undulatum, Hort. 

P. reptans, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
P. rigidulum, Sw. Malaya, Fiji, Queensland. 
P. robertianum, Hoffm. See Dryopteris, var. 
P. rostratum, Hook. Northern India. 
P. rupestre, Bl. Malaya. 

P. Schneideri, Hort. Garden hybrid. Journ. Hort. 
ser. 3, xxix. 85, fig. 13. 

P. Scouleri, Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 56. N. W. 

P. sejmltum, Kaulf. See lepidopteris, var. 

P. serrulatum, Mett. Tropical Africa and America, 
Xiphopteris serrulate, Kaulf. ; Hook. Gard. Ferns, 
t. 44. 


Polypodium, L. cont. 
P. simplex, Sw. See lineare. 
P. sparsiflorum, Hook. West Tropical Africa. 
P. sphcerocephalum, Wall. See angustatum. 
P. sporodocarpwn, Willd. See aureum, var. 
P. squamulosum, Kaulf. See lycopodioides. 
P. stigmaticum, Presl. Colombia. 
P. stigmosum, Sw. India, Malaya. 

P. subauriculatum, Bl. India, Malaya, Polynesia, 

P. superficiale, Bl. China, India. 

P. tceniosum, Hort. See angustifolium. 

P. taxifolium, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

P. tenuicauda. Hook. See juglandifolium, var. 

P. terminale. Link. See Phymatodes, var. 

P. tetragonum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

P. tricuspe, Sw. Japan. 

P. vacciniifolium, Langsd. & Fisch. West Indies, 
Tropical America. 

var. album, Hort. 
P. vacillans, Link. See loriceurn. 
P. venosum, Desv. See stigmaticum. 
P. verrucosum, Wall. Malaya. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 41. 

P. *vulgare, L. North temperate zone. Hook. Brit. 
Ferns, t. 2. 

P. Willdenovii, Bory. Tropical Africa, Mascarene 
Islands. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 35. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 181. 


Polypodium, L. cont. 

P. Xiphias, Baker. Southern Polynesia. 

Polystichum. See Aspidium. 
Prosaptia. See Davallia. 

Pseudathyrium. See Polypodium. 

Pteridella. See Pellsea. 

P. viridis, Mett. See Pellaea hastata. 

Pteris, L. 

P. aquilina, L. Cosmopolitan. Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 38. 

P. arguta, Ait. South Europe, Azores &c. 

P. albolineata, Hort. See cretica, var. 

P. argyrcea, Moore. See quadriaurita, var. 

P. Bauseii Hort. See semipinnata, var. 

P. biaurita, L. Tropics. Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. U2. 
var. argentea, Hort. 
var. nemoralis variegata, Hort. 

P. Childsii, Hort. Garden origin. 
P. crenata, Sw. See ensiformis. 

P. cretica, L. Tropical and subtropical regions, 
var. albolineata, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5194. 
var. Alexandras, Hort. 
var. crispata, Hort. 
var. Maissonieri, Hort. 
var. major, Hort. 
var. Mayi, Hort. 
var. nobilis, Hort. 
var. Wimsetti, Hort. 


Pteris, L.cont. 

P. denticulata. Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 28. 

P. Drinkwateri, Hort. See pellucida. 

P. droogmansiana, De Wild. Belgian Congo. 

P. Duvalii, (Bellair). Garden hybrid. Dryopteris 
Duvalii, Bellair. Rev. Hort. 1897, 563, fig. 168. 

P. elata, Ag. Tropical America, 
var. karsteniana, Hort. 

P. ensiformis, Burm. Tropical Asia and Australia, 

var. cristata, Hort. 
var. Reginse, Hort. 
var. Victorias, Hort. 

P. felosma, J. Sm. See quadriaurita. 

P. flabellata, Thimb. Tropical and South Africa. 

P. geraniifolia, Raddi. See Pellaea. 

P. Ghiesbreghtii, J. Sm. See laciniata. 

P. grevilleana, Wall. Northern India. 

var. variegata, Hort. 
P. heterophylla, L. West Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 4925. 

var. internata, Baker. West Indies. 

P. incisa, Thunb. Tropical and subtropical regions, 
var. Vespertilionis, (LaUll.). Australia. 

P. internata^ Moore. See heterophylla, var. 

P. laciniata, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. Ghiesbreghtii, Baker. Mexico. 

P. leptophylla, Sw. Brazil. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 23. 
var. argentea, Hort. 

23941 E 


Pteris, L. cont. 

P. longifolia, L. Tropical and subtropical regions, 
var. Mariesii, Hort. Japan. 

P. ludens, Watt. India, Malaya. Doryopteris ludens, 
Bedd. Handb. Ferns Ind. 119. 

P. Maissonieri, Hort. See cretica, var. 
P. moluccana, Bl, Malaya. 
P. nemoralis, Willd. See biaurita, var. 
P. nobilis, Hort. See palmata, var. 

P. palmata, Willd. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 22. 

var. nobilis, Hort. 

P. pedata, L. West Indies, Tropical America. Hook. 
Fil. Exot. t. 34. 

P. pellucida, Presl. India, Malaya, Tropical Africa. 

P. pulchra, Schl. Mexico. 

P. pungens, Willd. West Indies. 

P. quadriaurita, Retz. Tropics, ubiquitous. Bot. Mag. 

t. 5183. 

var. argyrsea, (Moore) Baker. 
var. rubricaulis, (J. Sm.) Baker. 
var. tricolor, Hort. 

P. sagittifolia, Raddi. Brazil. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 39. 
P. scaberula, A. Rich. New Zealand. 

P. semipinnata, L. Tropical and Sub-tropical Asia. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t, 59. 

var. Bausei, Hort. 
var. gigantea, Hort. 

23941 E 2 


Pteris, L. cont. 

P. serrulata, L. ftl. China, Japan, Natal, 
var. cristata, Hort. 
var. voluta, Hort. 

P. straminea, Mett. Chili. 

P. sulcata, Link. See quadriaurita. 

P. tremula, R. Br. Australia and New Zealand. 

P. Vesper tilionis, Labill, See incisa, var. 

P. Victorice, Hort. See ensiformis, var 

P. viridis, Forsk. See Pellsea hastata. 

P. wallichiana, Ag. Himalaya, Japan, Philippines. 

Pteropsis. See Taenitis. 
Pycnopteris. See Nephrodium. 
Rhipidopteris. See Acrostichum. 
Sagenia. See Nephrodium. 
Salpichleena. See Blechnum. 

Schellolepis. See Polypodium. 
Schizocaena. See Cyathea. 
Schizoloma. See Lindsaya. 

Scolopendrium, J. E. Sm. 
8. braziliense, Kze. Brazil. 

S. Delavayi, Franch. China, Munipur. Journ. Linn. 
Soc. xxv. t. 41. 


Scolopendrium, J. E. Sm. cont. 

S. Krebsii, Kze. See Lomaria punetulata. 

S. rhizophyllum, Hook. North America. Camptosorus 
rhizophyllus, Presl ; Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 85. 

S.*vulgare, /. E. Sm. North temperate zone. Hook. 
Brit. Ferns, t. 37. 

'Selliguea. See Gymnogramme. 
Sitolobium. See Dicksonia. 
Soromanes. See Acrostichum Oaenopteris. 
Stegania. See Lomaria. 
Stenochlaena. See Acrostichum. 
Stenoloma. See Davallia. 
Stenosemia. See Acrostichum. 
Struthiopteris. See Onoclea. 
Tseniopsis. See Vittaria. 

Thyrsopteris, Kze. 

T. elegans, Kze. Juan Fernandez. 

Todea, Willd. 

T. africana, Willd. See barbara. 

T. barbara, Moore. South Africa, Australia, New 
-Zealand. Bot. Mag. t. 5954. 

* For garden varieties, see p. 181. 


Todea, Willdcont. 

T. Fraseri, Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 101. Australia, 

New Caledonia. 

var. wilkesiana, Baker. Fiji, New Hebrides, New 
Guinea. T. wilkesiana, Brackenr. ; 111. Hort. 1875, 
t. 226. 

T. grandipinnula, Moore. See Moorei. 

T. hymenophylloides, Rich. & Less. New Zealand. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 54. 

T. intermedia, Hort. See hymenophylloides. 

T. Moorei, Baker. Lord Howe Island. 

T. pellucida, Carm. See hymenophylloides. 

T. rivularis, Sieb. See barbara. 

T. superba, Col. New Zealand. 111. Hort. 1870, t. 23. 

T. wilkesiana, Brackenr. See Fraseri, var. 

Trichomanes, L. 

T. alatum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 

Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 11. 
var. attenuatum, Griseb. West Indies. 

T. angustatum, Carm. See tenerum. 
T. attenuatum, Hook. See alatum, var. 
T. auriculatum, Bl. Tropical Asia. 

T. Bancroftii, Hook. & Grev. West Indies, Tropical 
America. Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 56. 

T. Upunctatum, Poir. See Filicula. 

T. Bojeri, Hook. & Grev. See cuspidatum. 


T. boschianum, Sturm. See radicans, var. 

'T. Colensoi, Hook. f. New Zealand. Hook. Ic. PI. 

t. 979. 


Trichomanes, L.cont. 

T. crispum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. Hook. 
Gard. Ferns, t. 27. 

T. cuspidatum, Witld. Mascarene Islands. 
T. elongatum, Cunn. See rigidum, var. 
T. exsectum, Kze. Chili, Juan Fernandez. 
T. Filicula, Bory. Tropical Asia and Africa. 

T. fceniculaceum, Bory. Mascarene Is., Borneo,' 

T. hirtellum, Poir. See Hyinenophyllum. 

T. humile, Forst. Java, New Zealand, Polynesia. Hook. 
& Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 85. 

T. Kaulfussii, Hook & Grev. West Indies, Tropical 

T. labiatum, Jenm. British Guiana. 

T. luschnathianum, Presl. See radicans, var. 

T. Lyallii, Hook. New Zealand. 

T. maximum, Bl. Malaya, Polynesia, N. Australia. 

T. membranaceum, L. West Indies, Tropical America. 

T. muscoides, Sw. Tropics. 

T. parviflorum, Poir. See foaniculaceum. 

T. parvulum, Poir. Tropics of the Old World. 

T. pinnatum, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. Hook. 
Gard. Ferns, t. 8. 

T. Prieurii, Kze. West Indies, Tropical America. 

T. pyxidiferum, L. Tropics, ubiquitous. Hook. & Grev. 
Ic. Fil. t. 206. 

T. radicans, Sw. Tropical, subtropical and temperate 

var. Andrewsii, Newm. Ireland. 


Trichomanes, L.cont. 
T. radicans, Sw.cont. 
var. boschianum, (Sturm) Baker. Alabama, 
var. luschnathianum, Baker. Brazil, 
var. luschnathianum prolongatum, Hort. 
var. proliferum, Hort. 

T. reniforme, Forst. New Zealand. Hook. Fil. Exot. 
t. 2. 

T. reptans, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. Hook. 
& Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 32. 

T. rigidum, Sw. Tropics, ubiquitous, 
var. elongatum, Baker. New Zealand. 

T. scandens, L. West Indies, Central America. 

T. sinuosum, L. G. Rich. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 13. 

T. spicatum, Hedw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. Gard. Ferns, t. 60. 

T. tenerum, Spreng. Tropical America. 

T. trichoideum, Sw. West Indies,- Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 199. 

T. venosum, JR. Br. Australia and New Zealand. 

Vittaria, J. E. 8m. 

V. lineata, Sw. Tropical and subtropical regions. 

Woodsia, R. Br. 

W. ilvensis, R. Br. Arctic and North temperate zone. 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 8. 

W. oregana, D. C. Eaton. North America. 
W. scopulina, D. C. Eaton. North America. 


Woodwardia, J. E.. Sm. 

W. angustifolia, J. E. Sm. See areolata. 

W. areolata, Moore. United States. Hook. Gard. 
Ferns, t. 61. 

W. Harlandii, Hook. Hong Kong. Hook. Fii. Exot. 

t. 7. 

W. japonica, Sw. China and Japan. 

W. radicans, Sw. North temperate zone. 

var. americana, Hook. Southern United States. 

var. Brownii, Hort. 

var. cristata, Hort. See var. Brownii. 

var. plumosa, Hort. 

W. virginica, J. E. Sm. North America. 
Xiphopteris. See Polypodium. 



Azolla, Lam. 

A. caroliniana, Willd. Tropical and subtropical 

A. pinnata, R. Br. Australia. 
Bernhardia. See Psilotum. 

Equisetum, L. 

E. arvense, L. North temperate and Arctic regions. 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 60. 

E. fluviatile, L. See limosum. 

E. hyemale, L. North temperate and Arctic regions. 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 64. 

E. limosum, L. North temperate and Arctic regions. 
Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 62. 

E. maximum, Lam. North temperate regions. 

E. ramosissimum, Desf. Warm temperate and tropical 

E. robustum, A. Br. North and central America. 

E. scirpoides, Michx. North temperate and Arctic 

Isoetes, L. 

I. lacustris, L. Europe and North America. Hook. 
Brit. Ferns, t. 55. 

I. malivernianum, Cesati & De Not. ]taly. 


Lycopodium, L. 

L. carinatum, Desv. India, Malaya, Polynesia. L. 
acrostacTiyum, Wall. ; Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 181. 

L. clavatum, L. Arctic and Alpine zones ; on moun- 
tains in the tropics. 

L. dalhousieanum, Spring. Malay Peninsula, Borneo. 

L. dichotomum, Jacq. West Indies, Tropical America. 

L. fontinaloides, Spring. Brazil. 

L. Hippuris, Desv. See squarrosum. 

L. Hookeri, Wall. See squarrosum. 

L. lucidulum, Michx. Himalaya, China, Japan, North 

L. obscurum, L. North Asia, North America. 
L. Phlegmaria, L. Tropics of the Old World. 
L. scariosum, Forst. New Zealand. 

. L. squarrosum, Forst. India, Malaya, Polynesia, Masca- 
rene Is. L. Hookeri, Wall. ; Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. 
1. 185. 

L. taxifolium, Sw. West Indies, Tropical America. 
Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t, 131. 

Marsilea, L. 

M. macra, A. Br. Australia. 
M. Nardu, A. Br. Australia. 

Pilularia, L. 

P. globulifera, L. Europe. Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 57. 

Psilotum, Stv. 

P. triquetrum, Sw. Tropics, extending to New Zealand, 
Japan, and Florida. Hook. Fil. Exot. t. 63. 

var. mascarenica, Hort. 

Salvinia, Schreb. 
S. natans, Hoffm. Subtropics of the Old World. 

Selaginella, Spring. 

S. africana, A. Br. See Vogelii. 
S. albonitens, Spring. West Indies. 
S. albospica^ Hort. See stenophylla, var. 
S. amcena, Hort. See caulescens. 

S. apus, Spring. North America, 
var. elegans, Hort. 

S. argentea, Spring. See caulescens, var. 

S. atroviridis, Spring. Tropical Asia. Lycopodiunt 
atroviride, Wall. ; Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t, 3D. 

S. bakeriana, Bailey. Queensland. 

S. bellula, Moore. See inaequalifolia, var. perelegans. 

S. Braunii, Baker. China. 

S. ccesia, Hort. See uncinata. 

S. canaliculata, Baker. Tropical Asia. 

S. caudata, Spring. See canaliculata. 

S. caulescens, Spring. Tropical Asia, 
var. amoena, Hort. 

var. argentea, Baker. Malay Peninsula, 
var. japonica, MacNab. Japan, 
var. minor, Hort. 


Selaginella, Spring cont. 
S. concinna, Spring* Mascarene Islands. 
S. conferta, Moore. See canaliculata. 

S. cuspidata, Link. West Indies, Tropical America, 
var. elongata, Spring. Guatemala. 

S. delicatissima, A. Br. Andes. 

S. densa, Hort. See apus. 

6'. denticulate,, Hort. See kraussiana. 

S. dichroa, Hort. See Vogelii. 

S. Douglasii, Spring. North America. 

S. emiliana, Hort. 

S. erythropus, Spring. West Indies, Tropical America. 

var. minor, Hort. 

var. setosa, Hort. 

S. filicina, Spring. See haematodes. 

S. flabellata, Spring. Tropical and subtropical regions. 

S. flagellifera, Hort. See plumosa, var. 

S. Galeottii, Spring. Central America. 

S. geniculata, Spring. Tropical America. 

S. grandis, Moore. Borneo. Gard. Chron. 1882, xviii. 
40, figs. 7-8. 

S. hsematodes, Spring. West Indies, Tropical America. 
S. helvetica, Link. Europe, North Asia. 

S. inaequalifolia, Spring. Tropical Asia, 
var. perelegans, Baker. Tropical Asia. S. bet In la, 
Moore, Gard. Chron. 1879, xi. 173, fig. 25. 

S. involvens, Spring. China, Japan, E. Himalaya, 

Philippine Is. 
var. texta, Baker. 


Selaginella, Spring cont. 

S. kraussiana, A. Br. South Africa, W. Tropical Africa. 

var. aurea, Hort. 
var. Brownii, Hort. 
var. Stansfieldii, Hort. 

S. laevigata, Baker. Madagascar, 
var. Lyallii, Baker. Madagascar. 

S. lepidophylla, Spring. Tropical America. 
S. leptostachya, Bailey. See bakeriana. 
S. Lyallii, Spring. See laevigata, var. 

S. Martensii, Spring. Mexico. S. pceppigiana. Spring ; 
Hook. Fil. Exot. t, 56. 

var. dichotoma, Hort. 
var. variegata, Hort. 

S. Mettenii, A. Br. Garden origin. 

S. molliceps, Spring. Tropical Africa, Madagascar. 

S. mutabilis, Hort. See serpens. 

S. nobilis, Hort. Garden origin. 

S. patula, Spring. West Indies. 

S. perelegans, Moore. See insequalifolia, var. 

S. pilifera, A. Br. Texas, Central Mexico. 

S. plumosa, Baker. Tropical Asia. 

S. Poulteri, Hort. Azores. 

S. radiata, Baker. Tropical America. 

S. radicata, Spring. See plumosa. 

S. rubella, Moore. Garden origin. 

S. rubricaulis, Hort. See suberosa. 

elaginella, Spring cant. 

S. rupestris, Spring. North and south temp, zones; 
mountains in the tropics. 

S. serpens, Spring. West Indies. 

S. stroUliferdj Hort. See rubella. 

S. tassellata, Hort. Brazil. 

S. texta, Hort. See involvens. 

S. uncinata, Spring. China. 

S. usta, Vieill. New Caledonia. 

S. Victorias, Moore. Malaya, Fiji. 

S. viridangula, Spring. Fiji. 

S. viticulosa, Klotzsch. Central America, Venezuela. 

S. Vogelii, Spring. Tropical Africa, Madagascar. 

var. dichroa, Hort. 

S. Wallichii, Spring. Tropical Asia. 
S. Warscetviczii, Klotzsch. See radiata. 
S. watsoniana, Hort. Garden origin. 

S. Willdenovii, Baker. Tropical Asia. Lycopodium 
Willdenovii, Desv. ; Hook. & Grev. Ic. Fil. t. 57. 

Tmesipteris, Bernh. 

T. Foster i, Endl. See tannensis. 

T. tannensis, Bernh. Australia, New Zealand, Poly- 
nesia. T. truncata, Bernh. ; Hook. Gen. Fil. t. 86. 



Cultural Forms of British Ferns. 

Adiantum, L. 

A. Capillus-Veneris, L. 
var. daphnites, Lowe. 
var. elegantissimum, Hort. 
var. grande, Moore. 
var. imbricatum, Lowe. 
var. Mariesii, Moore. 
var. obrienianum, Birkenhead. 
var. semilunatum, Loive. 

A.Bpidium, Sw. 

A. aculeatum, Sw. 
var. Braunii, Hort. 
var. cruciatum, Jones. 
var. densum, Moore. 
var. furcans, Sor. 
var. grandiceps, Jones. 
var. multifidum, Woll. 
var. proliferum, Wo^. 
var. pulcherrimum, Jones. 
var. subcristatum, Jones. 

A. *angulare, 

* This ia a sub-species of JL. aculeatum, but for garden purposes it is 
core convenient to treat it as a species. 


Aspidium, Su'. cont. 

A. angulare, Willd.cont. 

var. acutilobum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 127. 

var. acutilobum acutum, Lowe. 

var. acutilobum proliferum, Moore. 

var. acuto-dissectum, Carbonell. 

var. acuto-divaricatum, CarbonelL 

var. assimile, Jones. 

var. athyrioides, Woll. 

var. Bayliae, Lyell. 

var. brachiatum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 106. 

var. brachiatum cristatum, Jarvis. 

var. Bueklese, Lowe. 

var. calomelanos, Jones. 

var. capitatum, C7op. 

var. caudatum, Carbonell. 

.var. Claphami, Jones. 

var. concinnum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 173. 

var. confluens, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 167. 

var. congestum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 120. 

var. conspicuilobum, Lowe. 

var. conspicuilobum acutum, Carbonell. 

var. cristatum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. t. 16. 

var. cristatum clintonianum, Hort. 

var. cristatum gracile, Woll. 

var. cristatum grandiceps, Hort. 

var. cruciato-polydactylum, Jones. 

var. cruciatum, Lowe. 

var. cruciatum proliferum, Hort. 

var. decompositum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 79. 

var. decompositum densum, Carbonell. 

var. decompositum grande, Jones. 

var. decompositum plumosum, Jones. 


Aspidium, Sw. cont. 
A. angulare, Willd. cont. 

var. decompositum polydactylum, Jones. 

var. decompositum robustum, Jones. 

var. decompositum splendens, Jones. Lowe, Nat. Ferns., 

i. 174. 

var. decurrens, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 98. 
var. densum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 96. 
var. divisilobum, Woll. 
var. divisilobum acutum, Jones. 
var. divisilobum cristatum, Ivery. 
var. divisilobum decorum^ Jones. 
var. divisilobum densum, Carbonell. 
var. divisilobum foliosum, Jones. 
var. divisilobum lineare, Jones. 
var. divisilobum multifidum, Jones. 
var. divisilobum plumosum, Lowe. 
var. divisilobum proliferum, Woll. 
var. divisilobum reflexum, Jones. 
var. divisilobum robustum, Jones. 
var. divisilobum splendidissimum, Jones. 
var. dubium, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 86. 
var. flexuosum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 133. 
var. flexuosum polydactylum, Jones. 
var. folioso-decompositum, Jones. 
var. foliosum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 117. 
var. foliosum multifidum, Jones. 
var. frondosum, Jones. 
var. frondosum decompositum, Jones. 
var. frondosum polydactylum, Jones. 
var. grandiceps, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 150. 
var. grandidens, Jones. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. So. 
var. insequale variegatum, Woll. 

2394 1 F 


Aspidium, Stv. cont. 

A. angulare, Willd. cont. 

var. inciso-acutum, Stansf. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 137. 
var. Kitsonise, Moore. Lowe, Nar. Ferns, i. 124. 
var. laciniatum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 94. 
var. laciniatum flexuosum, Hort. 
var. lanceolatum, Moore. 
var. latifolium, Woll. 
var. latifolium grandiceps, Jones. 
var. laxo-crispum, Jones. 
var. lineare, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 93. 
var. lineare polydactylum, Jones. 
var. lineatum, Holy. 
var. Marshallii, Hort. 
var. multifidum densum, Jones. 
var. multilobum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 121. 
var. multilobum densum, Jones. 
var. multilobum multifidum, Jones. 
var. multilobum ovale, Woll. 
var. multilobum polydactylum, Jones. 
var. multilobum revolvens, Jones. 
var. oxyphyllum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. lit), 
var. Pateyi, Moore. 
var. pendens, Jones. 
var. perserratum, Jones. 

var. plumosum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 113. 
var. plumosum elegantissimum, Jones. 
var. polydactylum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 114. 
var. polydactylum capita turn, Jones. 
var. polydactylum cruciatum, Lowe. 
var. polydactylum grande, Jones. 
var. polydactylum grandiceps, Jones. 
var. polydactylum laxum, Jones. . 


Aspidium, Sw.coni. 

A. angulare, Willd. coni. 

var. polydactylum multifidum, Jones. 

var. polydactylum robustum, Jones. 

var. proliferum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 80. 

var. proliferum densum, Carbonell. 

var. proliferum holeanum, Moore. 

var. pulcherrimum, Moore. 

var. pulchrum, Moore. 

var. ramo-varians, Jones. 

var. remoto-decurrens, Woll. 

var. revolvens, Moore. 

var. rotundum polydactylon, Hort. 

var. scalptum, Carbonell. 

var. Stansfieldii, Lowe. 

var. stipatum, TFo//. 

var. stipitatum, Moore. 

var. subpinnatum, Hort. 

var. subplumosum, >FoW. 

var. Thompsoniae, Lowe. Nat. Fern?, i. 140. 

var. torto-cristatum, Padley. 

var. tripinnatum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 7$. 

var. tripinnatum decempositum, Lowe. Nat. Ferae, 
i. 172. 

var. tripinnatum elegans, Hort. 
var. tripinnatum polydactylum, Jones. 
var. varians, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 105. 
var. venustum, Moore. 
var. Wollastoni majus, Hort. 
Asplenium, L. 

A. Filix-foemina, Bernh. 
var. abasiphyllum, Lowe. 


Asplenium, L. cont. 

A Filix-foemina, Bernh. coni. 

var. adpresso-cristatum, Jones. 

var. Anderson!, Hort. 

var. angustatum, Lowe. 

var. apuaeforme, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 26. 

var. axminsterense, Lowe. 

var. cancellatum cristatum, Jones. 

var. caudiculatum, Mapp. 

var. ceratophyllum, Mapp. 

var. clarissimum, Jones. 

var. congestum cristatum, Stansf. 

var. conoides cristatum, Stansf. 

var. coronatum, Lowe. Nat. Ferns, ii. 35. 

var. corymbiferum, Moore. 

var. Craigii, Moore. 

var. Craigii laciniatum, Jones. 

var. crispum coronatum, Jones. Lowe, Nat. 

ii. 36. 

var. crispum cristatum, Garbonell. 
var. cristato-cristatum, Hort. 
var. cristatum, Woll. 
var. cristatum capitatum, Carbonell. 
var. cristatum densum, Carbonell. 
var. cristatum reflexum, Carbonell. 
var. cruciato-capitatum, Carbonell. 
var. cruciato-coronatum, Carbonell. 
var. cruciato-cristatum, Jones. 
var. cruciato-gracile, Jones. 
var. cruciato-grandiceps, Jones. 
var. cruciato-magnificum, Jones. 
var. cruciato-multifidum, Stansf. 
var. cruciatum, Jones. 


Asplenium, L. cont. 
A. Filix-fcemina, Bernh. cont. 

var. cruciatum corymbiferum. Hort. 

var. curtum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 32. 

var curtum cristatum, Stansf. 

var. daphnites, Q-lave. 

var. daphnites capitatum, Glave. 

var. defecto-furcellans, Hort. 

var. defecto-gracile, Mapp. 

var. diffidum, Jones. 

var. diffiso-multifidum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns. 

ii. 44. 

var. digitale capitatum, Jones. 
var. digitals purpureum, Jones. 
var. ElwortMi, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 46. 
var. Fieldise, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 50. 
var. Fieldiae minus, Jones. 
var. fissidens, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 52. 
var. flabelliceps, Carbonell. 
var. flexuosum, Wall. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 4D. 
var. folioso-crispatum, Carbonell. 
var. folioso-cristatum, Woll. 
var. Prizellise, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 53. 

var. Frizelliae cristatum, Jones. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, 

ii. 142. 
var. Frizellise multifidum, Barnes. 

var. Frizellise nanum, Ivery. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 54. 

var. furcans, Moore. 

var. germanicum, Hort. 

var. glomeratum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 56. 

var. glomeratum grandiceps, Jones. 

var. gracile, Moore. 

var. grammicon, Lowe. 

var. grandiceps, Moore. 


Asplenium, L.cont. 

A. Filix-foemina, Bernh. cont. 

var. grandiceps globosum, Sim. 

var. grandieeps minus, Carbonell. 

var. grandiceps pumilum, Sim. 

var. Howards, Moore. 

var. imbricatum, Carbonell. 

var. inaequale, WolL 

var. inaequale cristatum, Jones. 

var. interruptum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 62, 

var. irregulare, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 63. 

var. kalothrix, Lowe. 

var. laceratum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 66. 

var. laciniatum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. t. 39 A.. 

var. laciniatum caudatum, Hort. 

var. laciniatum elegans, Stansf. 

var. laciniatum furcans, Jones. 

var. laciniatum multifidum, Lowe. 

var. Lowae, Lowe. 

var. Lowae capitatum, Lowe. 

var. Medusae ramocristatum, Bort. 

var. multifidum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. t. 36. 

var. multifidum laxum, Jones. 

var. nodosum, Jones. 

var. nodosum multifidum, Jones. 

var. nodosum nanum, Jones. 

var. nodosum ramulosum, Jones. 

var. nodosum truncatum, Jones. 

var. orbiculatum, Lowe. Nat. Ferns, ii. 127. 

var. pannosum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 78. 

var. pannosum cristatum, Jones. 

var. Parsonsiae, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 79. 

var. paucidentatum cristatum, Mapp. 


Asplenium, L.cont. 

A. Filix-fcemina, Bernh.cnnt. 
var. pectinatum, Moore. 
var. pectinatum Stabler!, Mapp. 
var. percristatum, Lowe. 
var. perfectum, Carbonell. 
var. phyllomanes, Mapp. 
var. plumosum, Moore. 
var. plumosum divaricatum, Moore. 
var. plumosum Edwardsi, <SV'm. 
var. plumosum elegans, Parsons. 
var. plumosum Hodgsonae, Lowe. 
var. polydactylon, Moore. 
var. polydactylon cristatum, Stansf, 
var. polydactylon grandiceps, Jorces. 
var. proteoides, Lowe. 
var. proteum, (7^. 
var. proteum cristatum, Jones. 
var. pulcherrimum, Jones. 
var. pulcherrimum cristatum, Jones, 
var. Pulleri, Moore. 
var. purpureum corymbiferum, Hort. 
var. rectangulare, Moore. 
var. reflexum, TFoZZ. 
var. refractum, Moore. 
var. regale, Moore. 

var. rh&ticum, Deakin. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 128. 
var. rhaBticum reflexum, Mapp. 
var. rotundatum, T^oW. 
var. rotundatum lunulatum, Carbonell. 
var. setigerum, Jones. 
var. Stableri, Low;*?, 
var. Stansfieldii, Z- 


.Asplenium, L. cont. 

A Filix-fcemina, Bernh. cont. 
var. stipatum, Moore. 
var. stipatum capitatum, Carbonett. 
var. subcruciatum, Hart. 
var. todeoides, Stansf. 
var. tortile, Moore. 
var. torto-cristatum, Carbonell. 
var. torto-grandiceps, Carbonell. 
var. truncato-pinnulum, Jones. 
var. Tyermanni, Hort. 
var. unco-cristatum, Jones. 
var. unco-ramulosum, Stansf. 
var. variegatum, TFoW. 

var. Vernoniae, Jervis. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 93. 
var. Vernoniae corymbiferum, Stansf. 
var. Vernoniae crispum, Stansf. 
var. Vernoniae cristatum, Mapp. 
var. VictoriaB, Lowe. Nat. Ferns, ii. 97. 
var. Williamsii, Jones. 

ystopteris, Bernh. 
C. fragilis, Bernh. 

var. angustata, Smith. 
var. dickieana, Moore. 

^Nephrodium, L. C. Rich. 
N. Filix-mas, L. C. Rich. 
var. attenuatum, Padley. 

var. Barnesii, Moorr. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 272. 
var. Bollandae, Moore. 
var. capitatum, Carbonell. 


Nephrodium, L. C. Rich. cont. 
N. Filix-mas, L. G. Rich.- cont. 
var. concinnum, Hort. 
var. crispatissimum, Jones. 
var. crispulatum, Hort. 
var. crispum, Sim. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 248. 
var. crispum gracile, Lyell. 
var. Crista-Galli, Carbonell. 
var. cristatum, Lowe. 
var. cristatum angustatum, Moore. 
var. cristatum caudatum, Ivery. 
var. cronkleyense, Lowe. 
var. depauperatum, Padley. 
var. digitatum, Lowe. 
var. Ellacombei, Lowe. 

var. erosum, Clowes. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 248. 
var. flexuosum polydactylon, Hort. 
var. fluctuosum, Moore. 

var. furcans, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 244. 
var. grandiceps, Sim. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 275. 
var. Ingrami, Moore. 

var. interruptum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 242. 
var. lineare, Woll. 
var. multiforme, Barnes. 
var. paleaceum, Hook. 
var. paleaceum cristatum, Moore. 
var. paleaceum cristatum intermedium, Sim. 
var. paleaceum ramo-furcillatum, Woll. 
var. paleaceum revolvens, Woll. 
var. polydactylum, Lowe. Nat. Ferns, i. 257. 
var. propinquum, W oil. 
var. propinquum cristatum, Moore. 
var. propinquum gracile, Moore. 

23941 G 


Nephrodium, L. C. Rich. cont. 
N. Pilix-mas, L. C. Rich. cont. 

var. propinquum grandiceps, Moore. 

var. propinquum imbricatum, Hort. 

var. propinquum parviceps, Barnes. 

var. propinquum polydactylum, Barnes. 

var. pseudo-mas, Woll. See var. paleaceum. 

var. Pulleri, Jones. 

var. ramo-cristatum, Stansf. 

var. ramo-furcillatum, Carbonell. 

var. ramosum, Barnes. 

var. revolvens, Humphreys. 
var. serratum cristatum, Hort. 
var. subcristatum, Carbonell. 
var. variegatum, Lowe. 
var. willyanum, ZTortf. 

N. spinulosum, Desv. 

var. dilatatum, Hook. Brit. Ferns, t. 19. 

var. dilatatum angusti-pinnulum, Sim. Lowe, Nat. 
Ferns, i. 313. 

var. dilatatum calomelanos, Jones. 

var. dilatatum corymbiferum, Hort. 

var. dilatatum foliosum multicristatum, Hort. 

var. dilatatum foliosum ramosum, Hort. 

var. dilatatum grandiceps, Barnes. 

var. dilatatum Howards, Jones. 

var. dilatatum lepidotum, Moore. 

Osmunda, L. 
0. regalis, L. 
var. cristata, Moore. 
var. palustris, Hort. 
var. purpurascens, Moore. 


Polypodium, -L. 

P. Phegopteris, L. 
var. cristatum, Jones. 
var. strictum, Barnes. 

P. vulgare,vL. 
var. acuto-serratum, Jones. 
var. acutum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 27. 
var. cambricum, Willd. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 32. 
var. cambricum Barrowi, Barnes. 
var. cornubiense, Moore. 
var. cornubiense elegantissimum, Stansf. 
var. Elworthii, Ivery. 
var. falcatum, Jones. 
var. grandiceps, Hort. 
var. macrostachya, Cf Kelly. 
var. multifido-cristatum, Stansf. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, 

i. 43. 

var. omnilacerum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. t. 7fi. 
var. pulcherrimum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 46. 
var. ramosum, Moore. 

var. semilacerum, Link. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 47. 
var. serratum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, i. 48. 
var. serratum elegans, Hort. 
var. trichomanoides, Backh. 

Scolopendrium, J. E. Sm. 

S. vulgar e, J. E. Sm. 

var. aduncum, Moore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 354. 
var. crispum, Grey. 
var. Crista-Galli, Woll. 
var. Cuspis, Carbonell. 
var. fisso-crenatum, Jones. 


Scolopendrium, /. E. Sm. cont. 
S. vulgare, /. E. Sm.cont. 

var. grandiceps, Jones. 

var. illustre, Lowe. 

var. involvens, Mapp. 

var. labyrinthicum, Lowe. 

var. laceratum, Moore. 

var. macrosorum, Moore. 

var. margin atum, Moore. 

var. CEnone, Hort. 

var. peraferens, Woll. 

var. peraferens ovale, Hort 

var. ramulosissimum, Woll. 

var. scalpturatum, J/bore. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 249. 

var. submarginato-fissum, Wills. 

var. undulatum cochleatum, Jones. 

var. variegatum, Woll. Lowe, Nat. Ferns, ii. 333. 

var. Veloisii, Moore. 



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